Pharmaceutical-Grade Vinblastine Sulphate: Your Potential Ally in Cancer Treatment

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Top-Notch Pharmaceutical-Grade Vinblastine Sulphate for Global Cancer Treatment

Essential Features:

  • Affirmed Anti-Cancer Innoculant: Vinblastine Sulphate is an established pharmaceutical-grade component employed in diverse cancer therapies.
  • Potent Antiproliferative Properties: Effectively curbs the uncontrolled growth and multiplication of malignant cells.
  • Global Distribution Assured: Consistent product availability across multiple geographical locations.
  • Compliant with International Standards: Adheres to global industry norms and regulations for safety, efficacy, and purity.

Incorporated in a plethora of chemotherapy regimes, it enhances treatment effectiveness while adhering to strict manufacturing standards.

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Trusted Pharmaceutical-Grade Vinblastine Sulphate for Global Cancer Treatment

Our meticulously refined Pharmaceutical-Grade Vinblastine Sulphate hails from an all-natural origin and stands unrivaled in its therapeutic impact on various types of cancerous conditions worldwide. Primarily renowned for its promising role in the management of Hodgkin lymphoma and testicular cancer, our product extends its healing touch to breast and lung cancer as well.

Pulled from the rich greens of periwinkle plants, refined and harnessed through cutting-edge processes in our high-standard laboratories, each particle promises impeccable quality and safety. Our Vinblastine Sulphate stands as a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence in contributing towards life-saving cancer therapies.

Key Features

  • Origin: Plant-based, naturally occurring compound extracted from periwinkle plants and engineered into Pharmaceutical-Grade Vinblastine Sulphate.
  • Efficacy: A proven weapon against various types of cancer, rendering better disease management for medical professionals.
  • Quality: An absolute adherence to global safety and industry norms, delivering a product of unmatched quality.
  • Global Recognition: Trusted in numerous markets across the globe from North America to Africa - a reachable ally in combating cancer.

Technical Specifications

IUPAC Name: Vinblastine Sulphate
CAS Number: 143-67-9
Molecular Formula: C46H58N4O9·H2SO4
Physical State: Solid
Solubility: Soluble in water, ethanol, DMSO
Canonical SMILES: CC1=C[C@@H]2[C@H](C1) [C@@](O2)(CCC3=C(C(=C(N3)[C@@H]4[C@H]([C@H](C=C([C@H]4NC5=CC=CC=C5)C)[N+](C)(C)C)OC)OC)CCO

Nota Bene: This product is exclusively designed for clinical and research-based purposes. Personal usage is strictly prohibited.

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