Viessmann WIC Split Type 40m3 Walk-in Cold Room - The Premium Vaccine Storage Solution

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Viessmann WIC Split Type 40m3 Walk-in Cold Room – Premium Vaccine Storage Solution is a high-quality temperature-control system for safe storage of temperature-sensitive items such as vaccines. It offers temperature stability with a range of 2u00b0C-8u00b0C.

  • Easy Installation: Features a prefabricated dual refrigeration unit for rapid setup.
  • Superior Safety: Includes phase reversal protection and compressor winding protection switch for enhanced safety.
  • Robust Build: Constructed with durable materials and employs CFC-free refrigerant gas R 134A for sustainability.
  • Modern Perks: Equipped with adjustable shelving, LED luminaires, and a robust alarm system with battery backup for user-friendliness.
  • Guaranteed Quality: Comes with a two-year warranty covering defects in design, materials, or workmanship.
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Viessmann WIC Split Type 40m3 Walk-in Cold Room: Ultimate Vaccine Storage Solution

Presenting the premium vaccine storage solution – Viessmann WIC Split Type 40m3 Walk-in Cold Room. Engineered with cutting-edge features to offer an optimal temperature range of 2°C to 8°C, this cold room guarantees the preservation of your critical vaccines, even in maximal ambient temperatures of up to 43°C.

High-end Design and Efficient Operational Performance

This fully prefabricated walk-in cold room is remarkably convenient to install in warehouses or enclosed areas. It operates with unparalleled efficiency using a 220/380Volt 3-phase 50Hz mains supply, ensuring low operating expenditures.

Impressive Dual Refrigeration and Protective Features

The cold room features dual refrigeration units providing 100% stand-by capacity. Further, it is equipped with phase reversal protection and a compressor with a winding protection switch, boosting the safety of mechanical components. Safety features are enhanced with the inclusion of a control box containing run-hour meters, ensuring seamless operation.

Incomparable Construction and Eco-friendly Design

With modular construction, components such as floors, ceilings, and walls arrive pre-assembled, simplifying installation. Its eco-friendly design employs CFC-free R134A refrigerant gas, reducing environmental impact. The room is also equipped with SmartProtect® antimicrobial coating and high-performance LED lights.

Sophisticated Safety Features and Aesthetics

This state-of-the-art cold room is adorned with standard white Viessmann powder-coated wall and roof panels. The meticulously calibrated thermostat offers precise temperature control, and the freestanding, adjustable aluminum shelves with perforated plastic inserts ensure optimal organization.

Reliable Product Support

Viessmann grants a comprehensive 2-year warranty on this product and provides extensive instruction manuals in multiple languages. Adhering to The Montreal Protocol, the product substantiates Viessmann's commitment to environmental sustainability.

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