Viessmann WIC Split Type 30m3: Cutting-Edge Vaccine Storage Solution

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Introducing the Viessmann WIC Split Type 30m3, an innovative solution for vaccine storage. This advanced walk-in cold room is engineered for maintaining optimum temperature between 2°C to 8°C, even at an ambient temperature of 43°C. The product offers a significant storage capacity and operates on eco-friendly CFC-free refrigerant R134. Integrated safety systems including an alarm mechanism and temperature management guarantees vaccine safety and high-performance LED lighting ensures seamless use. Includes a 2-year warranty.

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The Viessmann WIC Split Type 30m3 sets a new standard in vaccine storage solutions. This state-of-the-art walk-in cold room offers a generous 30m3 storage capacity, making it the perfect choice for national and sub-national vaccine storage efforts. Its exact external dimensions are L=5100 x W=3000 x H=2410 mm while the internal dimensions are L=4940 x W=2840 x H=2250 mm, offering ample space for efficient vaccine preservation.

Maximize Efficiency with Innovative Features

  • Designed for easy prefabricated field installation that includes all mechanical and electrical fittings
  • Ensures consistent operation within the 2°C - 8°C range, even in a maximum ambient temperature of 43°C, perfect for vaccine storage
  • Incorporates extensive security measures, including automatic circuit breaker, overcurrent/overvoltage protection, surge suppressor, and ELCB in the control box
  • Features double refrigeration units guaranteeing 100% redundancy for continuous operation
  • Offers precise temperature control within ± 0.1°C for optimal vaccine storage
  • Equipped with an advanced alarm system, integrated with a battery backup and a data logger to continuously track room temperature

Optimized Safety and Convenience

  • Reinforced panels made of fire-retardant content and 80mm insulation ensure top-tier safety and efficiency
  • Adjustable, freestanding aluminum shelves robust enough to bear a total load of 600 kg
  • LED light fixtures improve efficiency by providing 150 lux illumination on the lowest shelf
  • Uses R134A refrigerant gas, a CFC-free and environmentally-friendly substance complying with the Montreal Protocol
  • Includes a 2-year warranty covering component failure due to defective design, materials, or workmanship

Assured Performance and Compliance

The Viessmann WIC Split Type 30m3 is calibrated to ITS-90, ensuring temperature control precision to ± 0.1°C. It utilizes CFC-free panels with exceptional insulation properties along with R134A refrigerant gas in sync with the environmental stipulations of the Montreal Protocol. The Viessmann WIC Split Type 30m3 is your ultimate solution for reliable, efficient vaccine storage and preservation.

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