Viessmann WIC Mono Block 40m3 - Advanced High-Capacity Walk-In Cold Room Ideal for Vaccine Storage and Transport

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The Viessmann WIC Mono Block 40m3 offers advanced, reliable vaccine storage solutions. Engineered by the notable brand Viessmann, it is a superior walk-in cold room with:

  • Large Scale Capacity: Up to 40 cubic meters of vaccine storage volume.
  • Optimized Cooling: A unique monoblock structure that maintains optimal storage temperatures.
  • Unbeatable Performance: Proven longevity and reliability.

Designed with an eco-friendly ethos, it minimizes energy usage while maintaining superior vaccine preservation. Ideal for healthcare institutions requiring high-capacity, consistent vaccine storage.

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The Viessmann WIC Mono Block 40m3 is a game changer in effective vaccine storage and transportation, offering unparalleled accuracy and a multitude of safety features. This high-capacity walk-in cold room is a testament to Viessmann's renowned commitment to blend safety and innovation while adhering to top-notch industry standards.

This unit proudly comes with a spacious design, measuring 5240 x 3440 x 2250 mm internally and L=5400 x W=3600 x H=2410 externally, ensuring ample space for storing vaccines securely. The walk-in feature enables easy accessibility and better organization.

Equipped with dual independent refrigeration units, the Viessmann WIC Mono Block 40m3 promises 100% standby capacity, therefore, ensuring operations remain unhampered even in extreme temperatures. Pioneered to house a superior command mechanism, this cold room is effective in sustaining an internal temperature range of +2°C to +8°C, creating the perfect conditions for maintaining vaccine potency.

The product’s commitment to environmental conservation is exemplified in its usage of the R134a refrigerant gas, reducing its carbon footprint. Simultaneously, the 80mm CFC-free insulation amplifies cooling and temperature uniformity, making it a model for energy efficiency.

With a robust wall and roof panel construction, the Viessmann WIC Mono Block 40m3 ensures durability, prolonging the cold room’s longevity and ensuring the safety of the vaccines housed. An easily distinguishable audible and visual alarm system, combined with a battery backup, guarantees constant temperature monitoring, leading to quick fixes for any deviations.

In addition, the inbuilt data logger enables real-time temperature monitoring, maintaining optimal vaccine storage conditions at all times. A comprehensive list of spare parts, coupled with a two-year warranty period, further augments the product lifespan and assures the reliability and performance of this state-of-the-art cold room.

Choose the Viessmann WIC Mono Block 40m3 for reliable, spacious and controlled vaccine storage, as it sets new benchmarks in preserving the effectiveness of vaccines.

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