Motorola GR500 VHF Repeater Kit: Efficient Communication Powerhouse

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Product: VHF Repeater Kit – Motorola GR500: Efficient Communication Powerhouse. Supercharge communication in emergency operations with this compact, high-performance device.

  • High-Powered Performance: Delivers robust 45 Watt power for optimal signal strength.
  • Efficient Transmission: Equipped with two GM160 VHF transceivers for effective communication.
  • Convenience Simplified: The built-in duplex filter allows single TX/RX antenna usage, facilitating easy installation.
  • Complete Package: The kit includes necessary accessories such as power supply, temperature-controlled fan, cables, shorting plugs, and guides.
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VHF Repeater Kit - Motorola GR500: Efficient Communication Powerhouse

Stay connected in any situation with the powerhouse of efficient communication, our VHF Repeater Kit - Motorola GR500. Designed adaptively and robustly, this kit proves itself as a reliable communication tool in emergency operations and extensive industrial networks alike.

High-Performance Features

  • Armed with two GM160, 45-watt VHF transceivers for transparent, high-quality communication within the frequency range of 136-174MHz.
  • Features an incorporated repeater control unit for efficient management and optimized performance.
  • Single TX/RX antenna made possible by an included duplex filter for space efficiency.
  • A turnkey solution that includes a power supply, temperature-regulated fan, all required cabling, shorting plugs, and a user-friendly guide.

Premium Package Components

  • Motorola GR500 wall mount for secure and easy installation.
  • Motorola basic interface repeater controller acts as the hub of your repeater system.
  • Two Motorola GM160 Mobile, MDC, VHF transceivers, offering 25-45W and 128 channels for effective, diverse communication.
  • Mandatory Motorola battery and ignition sense cables for reliable operation.
  • A top-notch Procom Duplexer within the frequency range of 138-175MHz.
  • High-gain, 3dB Base Station Antenna for superior signal reception and transmission.
  • Two RG213 coaxial cables, 30m and 5m, for versatile connectivity.
  • Polyphaser IS-B50LU-CO Lightning protector to shield your equipment from potential damage.

This powerhouse package weighs just 45kg, presenting a compact yet high-performing design. Do remember to mention your repeater operating frequencies while placing the order. Our customer service team is ready to provide any assistance you may require.

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