Motorola GP360 VHF Portable Radio Kit: Advanced Communication for Industries

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Achieve unrivaled communication capabilities with the Motorola GP360 VHF Portable Radio Kit. This comprehensive kit includes a GP360 VHF radio, an array of batteries, antenna, belt clip, guide, and a 230V single charger. Boasting a robust 255-channel capacity, the radio showcases a user-friendly 6-key menu keypad and a clear 4-line, 14-character display. Key features include X-pand voice compression technology for improved audio quality, built-in signal strength, battery level indicators, and a power range of 1-5 watts. Advanced functions encompass emergency signaling, Whisper, Lone Worker, and Call-forward, alongside missed call alerts. Frequency details essential for order placement.

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Motorola GP360 VHF Portable Radio Kit – Unleash Superior Communication

The Motorola GP360 VHF Portable Radio Kit is a state-of-the-art, technologically advanced communication solution tailored to meet diverse sectorial needs. It offers unmatched efficiency, range, and convenience, making it the ultimate choice for industries across manufacturing, construction, and security services.

Equipped with the robust Motorola GP360 handset, this VHF portable radio kit offers an impressive feature set, including:

  • 255-channel capacity: Ensures extensive communication range, allowing uninterrupted, seamless operations.
  • User-friendly: A 6-key menu keypad and a 4-line, 14-character display provide easy navigation and a user-friendly experience. Practical indicators for signal strength and battery level support optimal device usage.
  • Privacy: Every conversation remains confidential with the private line and 5-tone selective signaling options.
  • High power range: Delivers a power range between 1 to 5 watts, facilitating powerful and clear communication.
  • Channel-spacing options: Provides flexible usage scenarios with convenient channel-spacing options of 12.5, 20, and 25kHz.
  • Enhanced audio quality: The X-pand voice compression feature ensures amplified audio quality even in noisy environments.
  • Advanced features: These include emergency signaling, 'Lone Worker' and 'Whisper' function, call forwarding function, and missed call alert markers for efficient communication.
  • Compact and lightweight: Measuring just 137x57.5x37.5mm, and weighing approximately 0.45kg, the device is designed for easy handling and carrying.
  • Complete kit: Along with the handset, the kit includes a spare NiMH high capacity battery, a 230V single unit charger, among other accessories.

Experience superior communication with the innovative Motorola GP360 VHF Portable Radio Kit. It is not just a device; it is a complete, power-packed communication solution designed for your business. Please specify your operating frequency when ordering.

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