Motorola GP340 VHF Portable Radio Kit - Exceptional Choice for Professional Communication

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The Motorola GP340 VHF Portable Radio Kit is your ultimate compact, versatile, and mobile communication device. This kit offers:

  • Customizable Channels: Navigate communication smoothly with 16 customizable channels.
  • Adjustable Transmission: Experience adjustable transmission strength from 1 to 5 watts, powered by removable NiMH batteries.
  • Intuitive Features: Benefit from features such as VOX (Voice Activated Transmit), ‘whisper’ mode, and call-forward functions for effortless, hands-free communication.
  • Safety Assurance: Empower safety with emergency signaling and ‘lone worker’ feature, making it ideal for a variety of work settings.

The kit does not have a known chemical formula or CAS number.

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Motorola GP340 VHF Portable Radio Kit - Your Ultimate Partner in Professional Communication

Introducing the Motorola GP340 VHF Portable Radio Kit, meticulously designed to cater to demanding professional communication needs. This compact, highly versatile, and user-friendly kit has become an essential tool for sectors such as construction, event management, and security. The centerpiece, the robust Motorola GP340 Handset, is renowned for its unmatched quality and longevity, offering exceptional reliability across a multitude of scenarios.

  • Innovative Power Management: This kit integrates two reusable NiMH batteries and features a 230-volt charger to ensure a swift power boost, allowing constant communication.
  • Diverse Channel Range: It boasts a 16-channel capacity for seamless switching between communication channels, enabling its adaptive operation in diverse settings.
  • Adjustable Channel-Spacing: With this unique feature, users can tweak the channel spacing according to their specific needs, providing unrivaled flexibility.
  • Superb Audio Clarity: Incorporating X-Pand Voice Compression technology, this kit offers crystal clear audio quality - a key requirement in noisy environments.
  • Efficient Hands-Free Operation: The VOX feature enables voice-operated transmission, making hands-free communication utterly effortless.
  • Enhanced Safety: The built-in 'Lone Worker' feature and emergency signaling provide essential safety features for those who work individually.
  • Multiple Communication Techniques: Advanced functions such as the 'Whisper' Function and Call Forward Function broaden the communication possibilities.

The kit encompasses a Motorola GP340 VHF 136-174MHz, 16Ch, 5W, selective 5 handset; a high-capacity NiMH spare battery; a 230V single unit charger; and a user-friendly guide. Sporting ergonomic dimensions of 137 x 57.5 x 37.5mm and a weight of only 0.42kg, the kit guarantees convenience in portability and user comfort. For an optimal experience, please specify the operating frequency at the time of purchase.

Why choose the Motorola GP340 VHF Portable Radio Kit?

With its superior qualities, the Motorola GP340 VHF Portable Radio Kit offers more than just a solution for communication; it’s a compact & flexible response to complex professional demands. Derive the most from your communication prowess with this unmatched communication tool.

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