Motorola GM360 VHF Mobile Station Kit: Your Robust Communication Solution

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Equip your mobile communication needs with the Motorola GM360 VHF Mobile Station Kit. Ideal for sectors like security, transportation and emergency services, this kit comes with:

  • Motorola GM360 Mobile Radio: A durable device facilitating superior communication.
  • VHF Capabilities: For long-range, reliable transmissions.
  • 255 Programmable Channels: Customize your channel preferences for enhanced accessibility.
  • Motorola Select V Signaling: Meets your evolving communication needs.
  • Supplementary Accessories: Kit includes fixed-mount 5/8 wavelength mobile antenna, cables, and microphone for immediate deployment.

Choose the Motorola GM360 for a versatile and efficient communication solution.

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Experience Seamless, Robust Communication with Motorola GM360 VHF Mobile Station Kit

The Motorola GM360 VHF Mobile Station Kit is a combination of power, versatility, and convenience, designed for robust communication in the most challenging environments. Its impressive attributes, ranging from high output power to advanced functionality, make it a must-have tool for both professional and personal use.

A Closer Look at the Motorola GM360 VHF Mobile Station Kit

  • High-Output Power: With an output power of 25 watts, this device guarantees robust, clear, and uninterrupted communication, even in the most demanding settings.
  • Vast Channel Capacity: An impressive capacity of up to 255 channels ensures that you can tailor the device to meet the specific communication needs of various environments.
  • Advanced Functionality: The kit comes equipped with Motorola's Select V signaling, including an emergency call function and selective calling. That means uninterrupted and clear conversations, no matter where you are.
  • Whisper Mode for Privacy: Need to have a private conversation? Switch on the whisper mode.
  • Included Accessories for Convenience: The kit comes complete with battery cables, a fuse, a fixed roof mount antenna, and an antenna cable, eliminating the need for additional accessory purchases.
  • Compliance with Standards: The device complies with the necessary regulatory standards for product transportation and storage for import license and frequency license, making it an easy fit for most country norms.

Where Can You Use the Motorola GM360 VHF Mobile Station Kit?

With its versatile design and powerful features, this kit is perfect for use in:

  • Emergency and security operations
  • Areas with sparse infrastructure
  • Vehicles during security phase III or above

In summary, the Motorola GM360 VHF Mobile Station Kit is a versatile, efficient, and all-encompassing communication solution. Whether its functionality, durability, or performance, this product delivers on all fronts, making it the ideal choice for a wide spectrum of users.

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