Motorola GM360 VHF Base Station Kit: Your Robust Communication Solution

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Introducing the Motorola GM360 VHF Base Station Kit, an advanced communication kit for professionals and security teams. Essential qualities are as follows:

  • Frequency Range: Operates within the 136-174 MHz spectrum for dependable connectivity.
  • Power Output: Features a 1-25 Watts output range for powerful signal transmission.
  • Versatility: Equipped with 255 channels to suit various applications, thus enhancing flexibility in communication.

This comprehensive kit includes a VHF base station, power supply unit, antenna, etc. Ideally suited for emergency services, security, and other sectors requiring robust communication solutions.

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Motorola GM360 VHF Base Station Kit: Uncompromising Connectivity for Varied Operational Contexts

With the Motorola GM360 VHF Base Station Kit, seamless and robust communication is no longer a daunting task. Remarkable for its advanced feature set and sturdy design, this base station kit serves as a beacon of reliability for a myriad of operational environments. Capable of delivering clear, glitch-free communication thanks to its expansive 136-174 MHz frequency range, this kit truly stands its ground as an exceptional communication tool.

  • Designed for Durability: From its compact and robust design to its all-inclusive accessory kit, the Motorola GM360 manifests formidable performance – rain or shine. It is designed to weather extreme conditions, ensuring communication remains unhindered.
  • Enhanced Coverage: The 136-174 MHz frequency range guarantees vast and uninterrupted coverage, delivering clear, sharp communications every time.
  • Feature-Packed: Boasting 255 channels for efficient communication, this kit equips users with an array of unique attributes such as emergency calling, stun/un-stun functions, phone patch, silent interrogate, and whisper mode capabilities.
  • Convenient Usability: The user-centric design features a full keypad microphone and display, providing easy-to-use, accessible communication options and controls.
  • Emergency Ready: Stay prepared for crisis situations with the inbuilt quick-response emergency calling function.
  • Rural-Appropriate: This kit, compatible with and exceeding security phase I requirements, enables standalone radio network implementation – even in areas bereft of existing infrastructure.

Additional Notes

Ensure local radio equipment compliance measures are duly checked and met with prior to acquisition. Also, consider our Motorola GM380, another top-tier base station radio kit, in cases the Motorola GM360 is unavailable. It is equally equipped to deliver strong and efficient performance.

All kits are delivered safe and secured in sturdy cardboard boxes, ensuring no potential transit damage.

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