Advanced Newborn Medical Ventilator - High Quality Neonatal Ventilation System

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The Advanced Newborn Medical Ventilator with Accessories, engineered for unprecedented care in neonatal medical emergencies. Key features include:



  • Advanced Air Compressor: A cutting-edge, electronically controlled apparatus.
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  • Intuitive Display: A vast, back-lit panel showcasing set values and live readings.
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  • Reliable Safety Measures: Visual and audible alarms for different critical ailments.
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  • Efficient Portability: Self-rechargeable battery, ensuring an hour of consistent operation.
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  • All-inclusive Accessory Kit: Comprising a reusable neonate breathing circuit, maintenance equipment, and other essentials.
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  • Procurenet Team Tshim Sha Tsui
    Hong Kong Hong Kong 3 years

Robust Infant Care with Advanced Newborn Medical Ventilator and Accessories

Premier infant care starts with the utilization of the most well-equipped, high-functioning medical devices such as our Advanced Newborn Medical Ventilator and Accessories. Designed with supreme precision and commitment to quality, this state-of-the-art ventilation system provides critical life-support to newborn patients in ICU settings, highlighting our dedication to child health and safety.

  • High-Functioning: Packed with vital features like the electronically controlled air compressor, it offers a comprehensive solution for newborn ventilation needs.
  • Robust Design: Comes with an AC/battery supply that ensures uninterrupted operation even during power failures, automatically switching to battery power and recharging when connected to mains power.
  • Exceptional Safety: Our ventilator system is built with a focus on patient safety, featuring an adjustable safety pressure relief valve, an air-oxygen mixer that ensures optimal oxygen levels, and a temperature controlled humidifier with a water level indicator.
  • User-friendly: Offering ease to practitioners, our ventilator equips a large, lit display that serves as an operating dashboard providing both set and measured values. Offering traditional modes like IPPV and CPAP, it allows for tailor-made patient care.
  • Durability: Designed for intensive, long-term use, our system also incorporates anti-static swivel castors for easy positioning.
  • Complete Package: Shipped with a wealth of reusable and autoclavable accessories, it comes with a neonate reusable breathing circuit, a spare humidifier bottle, and a spare parts/maintenance kit for prolonged functionality.
  • Reliability: This ventilator system is backed by a 12-month warranty, offering both precision and peace of mind.

Overall, this Advanced Newborn Medical Ventilator delivers unparalleled service in providing holistic, reliable, and professional neonatal care. It intersperses solid quality with high performance to ensure that you can offer the highest level of care to your newborn patients.

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