Superior Quality Vacuum Extractor Set for Clinical Use - Efficient, Reliable, Patient-Centered Medical Equipment

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Product: Superior Quality Vacuum Extractor Set for Clinical Use | Trusted Manufacturer

  • High-Performance Electric Suction Pump: Versatile, powerful pump providing diverse range of vacuum suitable for different clinical settings.
  • Ultra-Precise Vacuum Gauge: Enables accurate measurements aiding exact control during operations.
  • Reinforced Safety Measures: User safety guaranteed with an electrically-insulated and shock-absorbent casing.
  • Comprehensive Kit: Includes anterior and posterior suction cups, a sturdy trolley, and an additional vacuum bottle for user convenience.
  • Exceptional Power Efficiency & Longevity: Runs on 50W (220V/50Hz), offering an impressive five-year service life and operates seamlessly in temperatures ranging from -20 to 50°C.
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Superior Quality Vacuum Extractor Set for Clinical Use | Optimize Delivery Procedures with Trusted Medical Equipment

Presenting the 'Superior Quality Vacuum Extractor Set for Clinical Use,' a premier solution from a prestigious manufacturer. This advanced medical equipment integrates precision with efficiency, revolutionizing vaginal delivery procedures to promote unparalleled comfort for patients and streamline processes for healthcare providers. The vacuum extractor set is a testament to cutting-edge healthcare technology, addressing complex challenges associated with vaginal deliveries.

Key Features:

  • Vacuum pressure adjustable from 0 to -90 kPa/-675 mmHg for personalized, comfortable extraction procedures tailored to patient needs.
  • A precise vacuum gauge offering approximately 2.5% accuracy level, ensuring controlled and safe vacuum applications during medical procedures.
  • High suction flow rate of 30L/minute for fluidic operations in high-demand clinical settings.
  • Inclusive of versatile reusable Anterior and Posterior Bird type suction cups and soft cups to cater to various operational requirements.
  • Autoclavable vacuum/collection plastic bottle, fostering sterility and hygiene in clinical environments.
  • Electrical isolation within a shock-resistant casing for enhanced safety, even in challenging clinical circumstances.
  • Energy-efficient operation with minimum power consumption of 50W, supported by a 220V/50Hz power supply.
  • Mobile-friendly design featuring a robust trolley system for seamless navigation within clinical and hospital environments.
  • Intuitive in-built foot pedal complete with operate and stop switches ensures superior operational control.
  • Long-lasting design with a lifespan of 60 months, demonstrating resilience in varying conditions ranging from -20 to 50 degrees Celsius and 20% to 95% humidity.

Experience an innovative solution that transcends beyond a simple instrument with the 'Superior Quality Vacuum Extractor Set for Clinical Use.' This user-friendly tool enhances operational efficiency, reinforces patient comfort, and highlights rapid technological advancements catalyzing progress in healthcare.

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