Universal Dual USB 10000mAh Solar Power Bank | Portable Eco-friendly Charger

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Portable, Eco-friendly Universal Dual USB 10000mAh Solar Power Bank

Stay connected and charged on the go with our efficient and environmentally friendly solution. Delivers:

  • Consistent Power: High capacity and dual USB outputs, ensure your devices never run out of power.
  • Outdoor Usability: With its water-resistant property, it’s an ideal companion for outdoor adventures.
  • Compatibility: Designed for universal functionality with 5V USB-charged devices.
  • Compact Design: Portable, lightweight and fits easily in your carry-on.
  • Eco-conscious: Solar recharge capability reduces your carbon footprint.

Package includes the power bank and a micro-USB charge cable. Choose sustainable power solutions with our Solar Power Bank.

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Universal Dual USB 10000mAh Solar Power Bank: An Innovative, Eco-friendly, Portable Charger

Explore boundless possibilities with our Universal Dual USB 10000mAh Solar Power Bank. Offering a portable, renewable source of energy for your modern gadgets, this product redefines convenience and sustainability.

Premium Power On The Go

If you've ever been caught with a low battery during a crucial moment, you understand the value of a reliable power bank. The Universal Dual USB 10000mAh Solar Power Bank is designed precisely for such situations - to keep your devices running and your life moving smoothly.

Equipped with a high-capacity 10000mAh battery, our power bank ensures multiple charges, making it an ideal companion for your daily commute or long-distance travel. Plus, the dual USB output allows you to charge two devices simultaneously. Whether you need to charge your tablet or smartphone, this power bank has got you covered.

The Power of Solar Energy

In an era of increased environmental consciousness, renewable energy is gaining rapid popularity. Our innovative solar power bank separates itself from the crowd by exemplifying eco-friendly tech, harnessing freely available solar energy to power your devices. Compatible with all 5V USB-charged devices, this solar charger just needs exposure to sunlight to recharge its battery, simplifying the charging process while being gentler on our planet.

Durability Meets Versatility

Every aspect of the Universal Dual USB 10000mAh Solar Power Bank speaks to thoughtful design and premium quality. Offering a Micro-USB charge cable along with its solar charging ability, it provides versatile charging options to suit all conditions. With an IP 67/68 water-resistance rating, it champions resilience, durability and longevity.

Features At A Glance

  • High-capacity 10000mAh battery ensures multiple charges
  • Dual USB output for simultaneous charging
  • Solar and USB recharging options for compromise-free use
  • Compatibility with all 5V USB-charged devices
  • Compact and lightweight design for exceptional portability
  • Water-resistant body built for enduring resilience
  • Eco-friendly operation leveraging solar power

The Universal Dual USB 10000mAh Solar Power Bank is much more than a device; it's a commitment. A commitment to staying powered up and reducing environmental impact at the same time. Experience the future of portable charging today!

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