Ultrafree-DA Centrifugal Filter Unit - High-Performance Filtration for Efficient Sample Preparation

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  • High-performance filtration: Achieve efficient sample preparation and reliable purification with the Ultrafree-DA Centrifugal Filter Unit.
  • Advanced technology: Benefit from fast and accurate results due to the filter unit’s advanced technology.
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Ultrafree-DA Centrifugal Filter Unit

The Ultrafree-DA Centrifugal Filter Unit is a revolutionary solution designed to provide high-quality filtering for efficient sample preparation and purification in the laboratory. With its advanced technology and innovative design, this filter unit offers fast and reliable results, making it the ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

Key Features:

  • High-performance filtration: The Ultrafree-DA Centrifugal Filter Unit delivers exceptional filtration performance, ensuring that even the smallest particles are efficiently removed from your samples. This allows for accurate and reliable analysis of your samples.
  • Efficient sample preparation: With its unique design, this filter unit offers a highly efficient solution for sample preparation. It allows for the rapid concentration and desalting of samples, saving you valuable time in your laboratory workflows.
  • Reliable purification: The Ultrafree-DA Centrifugal Filter Unit ensures reliable purification of your samples by effectively removing impurities and contaminants. This enables you to obtain pure and high-quality samples for further analysis.
  • Advanced technology: This filter unit incorporates advanced technology to enhance its performance and efficiency. It features a high-quality membrane that provides superior filtration capabilities, ensuring that your samples are processed effectively.
  • Fast and accurate results: Thanks to its cutting-edge design and advanced technology, the Ultrafree-DA Centrifugal Filter Unit delivers fast and accurate results. You can rely on this filter unit to provide precise and consistent outcomes for your laboratory experiments.


The Ultrafree-DA Centrifugal Filter Unit is composed of the following components:

  • A high-quality filter membrane
  • A durable and chemical-resistant housing
  • Secure sealing mechanism for leakage-free operation
  • Ergonomic design for easy handling and manipulation
  • Centrifuge tube for convenient sample loading

Technical Specifications:

Some technical specifications of the Ultrafree-DA Centrifugal Filter Unit include:

  • Membrane material: Polyethersulfone (PES)
  • Membrane pore size: 0.22 μm
  • Sample volume capacity: Up to 2 mL
  • Maximum relative centrifugal force (RCF): 12,000 x g
  • Operating temperature range: 4°C to 40°C


The Ultrafree-DA Centrifugal Filter Unit is suitable for various applications in the laboratory, including but not limited to:

  • Protein purification and concentration
  • DNA and RNA sample preparation
  • Cell culture sample processing
  • Desalting and buffer exchange
  • Removal of particulates and debris

Ordering Information:

To order the Ultrafree-DA Centrifugal Filter Unit, please refer to the product code (SAMPLE-FU) and contact your local distributor or supplier. They will be able to provide you with the necessary information and assist you with your purchase.

Upgrade your laboratory processes with the Ultrafree-DA Centrifugal Filter Unit. Explore its potential and achieve exceptional outcomes in your research.

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