Ultra-Low Temperature Medical Refrigerator - The Innovative Future of Cooling Technology

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Product: Future-proof your healthcare, research, or electronic industries with the Ultra-Low Temperature Medical Refrigerator. Engineered for optimal chilling between -86 and -30 degrees Celsius, this 398L capacity unit is the epitome of cooling technology.

  • Key Features: Equipped with advanced electronic lock system and alarms for maximum safety. It offers protection from high/low pressures too.
  • Specifications: Model DW-8L398S incorporates the LNEYA control system and user-friendly 7-inch touch screen.
  • Applications: Used across industries from health to electronics, and by esteemed military enterprises.
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Ultra-Low Temperature Medical Refrigerator - The Future of Cooling Technology

Introducing the height of cooling innovation; the Ultra-Low Temperature Medical Refrigerator. With a top-tier system optimized to maintain internal temperatures as low as -86 degrees Celsius, this refrigerator is the ultimate in storage for critical biological substances including red and white blood cells, bacteria, and other biological products.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Enhanced Security: The electronic lock and authorization system provide superior protection for your valuable materials.
  • Assured Safety: High and low-pressure protection eliminates risk to the internal cooling system.
  • Advanced Alarm System: Receive immediate notifications in the event of high pressure, overheating compressor, over-temperature, or sensor problems.
  • Safety Grounding: Comprehensive grounding across all refrigerator system components ensures total safety.

Technical Specifications:

  • Model: DW-8L398S
  • Temperature Range: -30 to -86 degrees Celsius
  • Capacity: Internal volume of 398L
  • Energy Consumption: Uses only 700W input power
  • Quality Compressor: Equipped with a top-tier SC system compressor
  • Control System: Sophisticated LNEYA system controls
  • Screen Display: Contemporary 7-inch color touch screen interface
  • Noise Level: Operates quietly at just 60db

The Ultra-Low Temperature Medical Refrigerator is an essential asset for labs, hospitals, research institutions, and industries including biological engineering, chemical medicine, and military enterprises. This efficient cooling system guarantees the careful preservation of your most sensitive materials.

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