UIFF Vacc Carrier Leff FFVC1.7 E004/051 - Premier Vaccine Transportation Solution

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The UIFF Vacc Carrier Leff FFVC1.7 E004/051: Ultimate Freeze-Free Vaccine Transport Solution ranks as a top-tier solution for maintaining vaccine integrity during extended transits. Encompassing the patented User-Independent Freeze Protection, it guarantees vaccine safety with impressive features. The bountiful carrier capacity of 1.7 liters ensures sizeable vaccine storage while the cold life of 33 hours 42 minutes at 43°C facilities extended transit times. The package is sturdy and backed by a two-year replacement warranty. It includes a handle, a lid, and four 0.6-liter icepacks (WP0.6L) to augment its cooling prowess. Particularly beneficial for inaccessible or remote locations, it guarantees potency devoid of freezing damage.

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UIFF Vacc Carrier Leff FFVC1.7 E004/051: Ensuring Secure & Efficient Vaccine Transportation

The UIFF Vacc Carrier Leff FFVC1.7 E004/051 offers premier, freeze-free vaccine transportation, underlining the combined stature of design supremacy and cutting-edge cooling technology in ensuring vaccine integrity and efficacy. This extensive vaccine carrier provides substantial storage and extended cold life, making it the epitome of reliability and safety in vaccine transportation.

User-Independent Freeze Protection

A key highlight of the UIFF Vacc Carrier is its self-regulating freeze protection that consistently maintains a safe temperature, thereby preventing vaccines from freezing and losing their potency. This, combined with a double-wall carton for added security, assures optimal protection during any immunization drive.

Spacious Storage Capacity

The carrier's noteworthy 1.7 liters of storage space enables the secure transportation of a significant quantity of vaccines, thereby ideal for both small-scale and large-scale immunization programs.

Extended Cold Life

A noteworthy feature of the UIFF Vacc Carrier Leff FFVC1.7 E004/051 is it can stay cold for whopping 33 hours and 42 minutes at 43°C without any openings, making it viable for long-distance travel and challenging transport scenarios amidst retaining the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines.

Robust Design for Secure Storage

The sturdy handles and the secure lid of the vaccine carrier ensure safe management, while preserving the cold chain conditions. An addition of 4 x 0.6-liter icepacks offers optimal temperature control, ensuring maximum vaccine safety throughout the journey.

Comprehensive Package

The UIFF Vacc Carrier Leff FFVC1.7 E004/051 comes with a host of complementary accessories like a set of icepacks, a double-wall carton for enhanced protective layering during transit, and a comprehensive guidebook with detailed instructions for vaccine transportation, further backed by a two-year replacement warranty.

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