UHF Base Station Kit with Motorola GM360 – Top Notch Communication Solution

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The UHF Base Station Kit featuring Motorola GM360 is a high-performance, easy-to-use transceiver system. Built to facilitate unobstructed communication, this kit provides 255 programmable channels within the 403-470 MHz frequency range.

  • Features an internal loudspeaker for clear sound and a 25W adjustable output for dependable signal transmission.
  • Includes 7 programmable buttons and 3 status LEDs for easy operation.
  • Offers increased protection with an included Procom 3dB Base Station Antenna, in-line lightning protector, and RG213 coaxial cable.
  • Comes with an easily-readable display, voice storage function, and scanning capabilities.
  • At a total weight of 16.5 kg, it’s straightforward to install and relocate.
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Welcome to our marketplace! Today, we're bringing you an exceptional communication solution – the UHF Base Station Kit with Motorola GM360. This high-quality, durable kit is engineered to deliver superior performance and adaptability in various professional communication scenarios, making it a must-have in industries such as emergency services and various commercial industries.

  • Exceptional Audio Clarity: The built-in loudspeaker ensures crisp and clear audio for effective communication.
  • High Channel Capacity: Supports up to 255 channels, providing plenty of options for different communication lines.
  • Adjustable Power Range: Can be set between 1 to 25 Watt, depending on the communication requirements.
  • Customizable Channel Spacing: This feature allows adjustments from 12.5 to 25kHz, giving users more control over the communication.
  • Clear Display: The user-friendly interface with a clear and readable display ensures easy operation.
  • Voice Storage Function: This unique feature helps in enhancing communication efficiency.
  • Complete Set: This kit includes a Motorola GM 360 Mobile, UHF 403-470MHz, 1-25W with 255 channels, desktop tray, microphone, power supply 230VAC/13.5VDC, 12V cable. Plus, Motorola PL259/BNC antenna adapter, a Procom 3dB Base Station Antenna, 30m plus an additional 5m roll of RG213 coaxial cable, and an in-line lightning protector to keep your equipment safe from electrical storms.
  • Specify Frequency Preference: Please specify the operating frequency of the 3dB base station antenna during ordering. Options include F: 406-430MHz, L: 420-450MHz, H: 440-470MHz.

For any technical queries or customer support, feel free to reach out to our dedicated team. Let the UHF Base Station Kit with Motorola GM360 revolutionize your communication experiences today!

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