UHB-ZK Corrosion Resistant Mortar Pump: Superior Solution for Corrosive Media handling | Versatile and Efficient Industrial Pump

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UHB-ZK Corrosion Resistant Mortar Pump – Exceptional Corrosive Media Handling Solution

A compact yet influential UHB-ZK Corrosion Resistant Mortar Pump built for seamless transfer of corrosive and particulate media. Its unique traits:

  • Durable with ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene steel liner combating wear and corrosion
  • Trustworthy in handling solid content up to 40% and temperatures below 100 degrees
  • Inventive with half-open impeller and fluorine rubber seal to avert blockages
  • Adaptable for specific temperature corrosion considerations

Used prominently in metal smelting, titanium dioxide, fine chemicals, and fertilizers industries.

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Experience Superior Corrosive Media Handling with UHB-ZK Corrosion Resistant Mortar Pump

The UHB-ZK Corrosion Resistant Mortar Pump is a superior single-suction, single-stage, cantilever centrifugal pump, designed with a unique ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene steel liner. This feature gives the pump exceptional resistance to wear and corrosion, assuring optimal performance.

One of its standout features is the capacity to operate efficiently under temperatures up to 100u00b0 Celsius. Industry users value its ability to manage a solid content of up to 40% effectively. Its robust construction enables it to handle any concentration of corrosive substances, including acids, alkalis, salts, and strong oxidizing agents, demonstrating its perfect suitability for challenging environments.

  • Optimized for organic solvents and other media handling
  • Customizable to cater to specific temperature corrosion requirements
  • Operational temperature range is versatile, from as low as -20u00b0C to as high as 95u00b0C
  • Particle diameter supports up to 40 mesh
  • Max concentration measures up to 50%

The UHB-ZK pump comes with a semi-open impeller and a fluorine rubber seal for the sealing ring. This specific design feature increases the durability of the flow channel, and its resistance to clogging from medium particles and impurities. Its proven efficiency makes it a highly sought-after choice in industries such as metal smelting, fine chemicals, fertilizer, and titanium dioxide production.

In conclusion, the UHB-ZK Corrosion Resistant Mortar Pump offers the most effective solution for your corrosion and wear protection needs. Take your industry operations to the next level, ensuring an efficient and productive performance every time.

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