UC-Series Heating Machine: High-Precision Industrial Heating Equipment

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The UC-Series Heating Machine: Precision Industrial Heating Equipment offers exceptional heating functionality with a robust temperature range of 50-300 degrees Celsius. Noteworthy elements entail:

  • Model Varieties: Comprises six distinct models catered to various heating needs.
  • Precision Temperature Control: Fitted with a PID adaptive controller and high accuracy temperature feedback system for perfect temperature regulation.
  • High Heating Power: Power output ranging from 2KW to 10KW based on individual models.
  • High Capacity Cooling System: Integrated with a heat exchanger and automatic water valve for efficient cooling.
  • Safety-First Design: Well-designed with self-diagnosis features and protective measures against overload and faults for optimal safety.

This product epitomizes the ideal solution for your industrial heating needs, offering precision, reliability and versatility.

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The UC-Series Heating Machine is an exceptional heating apparatus specifically engineered with top-tier precision, meeting the multifaceted needs of modern industries. This industrial heating equipment serves a broad temperature band from 50u00B0C to 300u00B0C, imploring outstanding reliability and consistent heating fitting for a vast array of applications.

  • A Lineup of Models: Choose from a plethora of model options like the UC-1820, UC-5020, UC-A020, UC-3030, UC-5030, and UC-A030 tailored to meet individual necessities.
  • Dynamic Temperature Range: Cater to a variety of heating needs with the sprawling span of 50u00B0C to 300u00B0C.
  • Flawless Temperature Control: Avail the PID adaptive controller advantage ensuring precise outlet temperature control of the thermal medium.
  • Accurate Temperature Feedback: Integrates a PT100 sensor offering accurate temperature feedback from the heated medium.
  • Diverse Heating Power: Opt from a spectrum from an impressive 2kW to a robust 10kW power based on the model.
  • Advanced Cooling Capacity: Benefit from the efficient cooling mechanism incorporating a heat exchanger and an automatic water valve.
  • Highly Efficient Circulation Pump: Maximum capacity varies with different models, ranging between 10L/min to 50L/min, suiting varied requirements.
  • Robust & Comprehensive Safety Protection: Comes loaded with multiple overload and fault protection mechanisms and a self-diagnostic feature.
  • Enclosed Circulation System: The immaculately sealed system ensures zero oil mist or water vapor.
  • Premium Optional Upgrades: Leverage an optional upgrade to a 7-inch color touch screen controller for recording temperature curves with data export capabilities in excel format.

Each machine showcases an industrial-grade cold-rolled steel case with an optional upgrade to a SUS304-type case. The operational panel comes equipped with a touch screen display, making temperature regulation a breeze. Select from a range of connection sizes, dimensions, weights to fit your workspace requirements. The equipment, available with optimal power requirements of AC 220V 50HZ or AC 380V 50HZ, is delivered in a secure wooden case. The UC-Series Heating Machine - your go-to for precision, powerful performance, and incomparable adaptability in industrial heating.

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