Unisex XL Surgical Tunic - Comfortable & Safe Medical Garment

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Unisex XL Surgical Tunic – Essential Comfort and Safety for Healthcare Professionals

Experience comfort with safety in our Unisex XL Surgical Tunic. Skillfully crafted for healthcare professionals, it provides exceptional ease and protection.

  • Universal Fit: Unisex design with a comfortable V-neck.
  • Convenient Storage: Two user-friendly lower patch pockets.
  • Flexibility: Short sleeves for unrestricted movement.
  • Choice of Colors: Calm blue or soothing green.
  • Durable Material: Made from robust 100% cotton or polyester/cotton blend.
  • Sterilization Resilience: Can withstand chlorine solutions, boiling, washing, and autoclaving.
  • Size: Available in Extra Large (XL).

Prioritize safety and comfort with this essential tunic for healthcare professionals.

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Unisex XL Surgical Tunic - Ultimate Comfort and Safety Garment for Healthcare Professionals

Immerse in comfort, functionality, and safety with our Unisex XL Surgical Tunic, designed specifically to meet the challenging demands of the healthcare industry. Every aspect has been engineered to provide you with utmost comfortability, without compromising on safety standards.

Effortlessly Unisex Design

This surgical tunic is tailored not just for one but for all, boasting a universal design that can comfortably fit any gender. The V-shaped neck and short sleeves add to its versatility and comfort, facilitating easy movement during demanding shifts. Adding a splash of serenity to the work environment, the tunic is available in soothing shades of blue and green.

Convenience at Its Best

When it comes to efficiency, this tunic leaves no stone unturned. Equipped with two lower patch pockets, it provides an easy access storage solution for essential tools of the trade, allowing you to focus on your labor of love - patient care.

Resilient to Rigorous Use

Our XL surgical tunic withstands the rigors of a active healthcare environment with a robust build from either a sturdy polyester-cotton blend or 100% cotton fabric. With a fabric weight that ranges from 115g to 175g per m2, it assures resilience without compromising on comfort. It is resistant to washing, high temperature boiling, autoclaving, and chlorine (0.1%) ensuring durability and longevity.

Eco-friendly and Reusable

This surgical tunic underlines the importance of sustainability in the healthcare sector with its reusable nature. It can be easily disinfected, washed, autoclaved, and worn again, helping to reduce waste and foster an environmentally conscious healthcare environment.

Inherent Safety and Protection

The safety and protection it provides are paramount. Serving as a basic barrier, this tunic wards off potential biohazards when used under personal protective equipment, making it an indispensable part of every healthcare professional's wardrobe.

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