Extra Small Tubifast Gloves for Children: Child-Centric Wound Care

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Extra Small Tubifast Gloves for Children – Ultimate Child Wound Care Solution

  • Designed for Kids: Crafted with 2-Way Stretch technology ensuring excellent dressing retention for children’s hands.
  • Comfort and Convenience: Secures wound dressing without restraining movement, promotes easy application and enhanced comfort.
  • Premium Quality Material: Features breathable, lightweight fabric facilitating air circulation, reducing skin maceration and fibre transmission risk to the wound.
  • Storage and Shelf-Life: Safely stored under 35°C and 75% RH, with a shelf life of 3 years. Each box contains 6 gloves, weighing approximately 0.133 Kg with an estimated volume of 0.002 m³.
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Experience Premium Child Wound Care with Extra Small Tubifast Gloves

Presenting specially crafted Extra Small Tubifast Gloves, ideal for superior wound management in children. Comprising six gloves in each box, the product showcases the perfect blend of child-friendly design and modern 2-Way stretch technology. Every glove ensures the utmost care by wrapping the wound securely, thereby promoting faster healing without inflicting any extra stress on the skin.

Right from the snug fit to the non-constrictive element, each aspect of the Tubifast Gloves is meticulously designed. This design aims to enrich your child's wound healing process, offering a safer alternative by minimising the risk of infection.

Exclusive Design Attributes

  • Features a state-of-the-art two-way stretch system, offering unparalleled body conformity, thus reducing discomfort during movements.
  • Child-friendly design able to provide optimal care and ultimate comfort.
  • Integration of lightweight, breathable fabric supporting improved air circulation, thus preventing the risk of skin maceration.
  • High level of elasticity extends to both radial and longitudinal ends of the glove, allowing unimpeded movement without compromising the stability of the wound dressing.
  • The glove stays in place without the need for additional securing devices. Ensures firm placement of the dressing.
  • Minimal fraying attribute makes it safer for the wound healing process.

Packaging and Storage

Each box comprises six individually packed gloves, enabling convenient and safe storage. Ensure optimal storage in an environment maintaining a temperature below 35°C and humidity less than 75% RH.

Product Specifications

  • Estimated weight: 0.133 Kg
  • Estimated volume: 0.002 m3
  • Shelf Life: Maximum of 3 years

Introducing Tubifast Gloves as the ultimate solution for your child's wound care needs. Optimise the healing process while enhancing the comfort quotient for your child's well-being.

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