Tubifast 2-Way Stretch, Blue Elastic Tubular Bandage: Secure, Comfort Fit Wound Dressings

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Tubifast 2-Way Stretch, Blue Elastic Tubular Bandage – Secure Wound Dressings

A versatile, lightweight, and breathable option for wound care, the Tubifast 2-Way Stretch Blue Elastic Tubular Bandage is designed for easy and precise application. Comes as a box of twelve 1m bandages.

  • Comforting dual-direction stretch: Ensures adaptability on different body contours.
  • Highly breathable fabric: Reduces risk of skin maceration, promoting optimum health.
  • Secure Dressing Holder: A unique bandage design needing fewer fasteners, providing ease in use.
  • Minimal-fray design: Reduces fiber transfer to wounds, ensuring safe wound care.
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    Hong Kong Hong Kong 3 years

Tubifast 2-Way Stretch, Blue Elastic Tubular Bandage: The Ultimate in Secure Wound Dressings

Elevate your wound care solutions with Tubifast 2-Way Stretch, Blue Elastic Tubular Bandage. The package of 12 bandages, each measuring 1m, offers unmatched comfort and flexibility for secure wound dressings.

Innovative Two-way Stretch

Tubifast 2-Way Stretch bandages are designed to stretch both radially and lengthwise. This bidirectional stretch conforms to your body giving you the maximum comfort and making sure the dressing stays secure.

Color-Coded for Convenience

Instantly recognize Tubifast 2-Way Stretch bandages by their distinctive blue color. This helps ensure a swift and easy application of the bandage.

Promotes Healing

The bandage's open-weave fabric offers superb air circulation. This discourages skin maceration, promotes faster healing and better wound care.

Roam Unrestrictedly with Tubifast 2-Way Stretch

These bandages are non-constrictive and designed to respect the natural movements of your body, promoting comfort and pain reduction.

Can Function as Under-cast Stockinette

You can also use the Tubifast 2-Way Stretch bandages as a stockinette under orthopedic casts, ensuring they protect your skin effectively.

With Tubifast 2-Way Stretch, you're always prepared. The generous packaging ensures you're never without a fresh bandage. Moreover, these bandages have a lengthy shelf life of 3 years if stored smartly, proving beneficial to users both economically and practically.

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