CH16 Sterile Suction Tube | 50cm, Disposable – Safe & Efficient Medical Suction Catheter

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Introducing the CH16 Sterile Suction Tube – a 50cm, disposable catheter of excellent quality, specially designed for efficient aspiration. Ideal for aspirating various body fluids, it features a single channel design with a coupling connector and two side windows at the distal end. Made from robust Polyvinyl Chloride and sterilized using Ethylene oxide gas, this product ensures safety and hygiene. Each unit comes individually packed in a sterilized peel pack. Intended for single use, retain your cleanliness standards by following safe disposal by incineration.

  • Exceptional Quality, 50cm-length suction tube for effective aspiration
  • Sterilized, Single-use catheter ensuring hygiene
  • Manufactured using robust Polyvinyl Chloride for prolonged usability
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Optimal Patient Care with CH16 Sterile Suction Tube | 50cm Length, Disposable | High-Efficiency & Sterile Suction Catheter

In the realm of medical and healthcare equipment, our CH16 Sterile Suction Tube stands out due to its high-grade, robust construction and design. Carefully constructed, this sterile, single-use suction catheter aims to assure the utmost efficient fluid aspiration, ensuring top-notch care for patients. The catheter, with its proficient design and advanced sterilization, promises optimal performance without compromising safety and hygiene.

Our CH16 Sterile Suction Tube is constructed from durable Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a material known for its long-lasting efficiency and resilience. Further reinforcing its hygiene standards, the catheter undergoes sterilization using ethylene oxide gas, an established method for ensuring sterility in healthcare applications.

Key Features:

  • Sterilized, single-use design guarantees maximum hygiene and safety.
  • Resilient Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) construction ensures durability.
  • Efficient single channel design with a cup connector for easy and effective fluid suction.
  • Open distal end with two side windows ensures optimal suction efficiency.
  • Size specified according to the Charriere gauge, offering precision.
  • The gas sterilization process using ethylene oxide enhances sterility assurance.


  • Weight: 0.040kg.
  • Volume: 0.090cdm.

Usage Guidelines:

The CH16 Sterile Suction Tube can be used for aspirating different kinds of fluids like pus, blood, secretions, or obstructing food particles. It can be comfortably inserted through the mouth, nose, or an endotracheal/tracheotomy tube, making it highly versatile.

Storage & Safety Measures:

  • Recommended storage is away from extreme temperatures and humidity to ensure the product's longevity and performative quality.
  • Verify integrity of packaging before use for ensuring sterility.
  • Strictly designed for single use to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Use of clean techniques advised during insertion to maintain hygiene.
  • Responsible disposal by incineration in a controlled environment after usage.

Packaging Details:

Each CH16 Sterile Suction Tube is meticulously packaged in a sterile peel pack, which provides individual accessibility while maintaining hygiene. Each box conveniently contains 50 suction tubes.

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