CH08 50cm Sterile Suction Tube - Reliable Medical-Grade PVC Tube for Healthcare Settings

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Sterile Suction Tube, CH08, 50cm – Disposable & Medical-Grade PVC Tube

  • Type: Single-use and sterile suction catheter
  • Measurement: Sized at CH08 (French gauge) with a substantial length of 50cm
  • Material: Manufactured using robust, superior-grade Polyvinyl chloride(PVC)
  • Safety: Initial sterilization done with Ethylene oxide gas for assured safety
  • Packaging: Each unit is packed in individual sterile peel packs ensuring hygiene and convenience
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Sterile Suction Tube, CH08, 50cm - High-quality Disposable & Medical-Grade PVC Tube

Experience the best in clinical performance with our Sterile Suction Tube, CH08, 50cm - a high-quality, disposable, and medical-grade PVC tube. Rely on us for providing a safe and robust solution for all healthcare settings. We deliver safety and excellence with our top-notch manufacturing practices and quality material.

Product Highlights:

  • Charriere measurement with French gauge representation, ensuring the ideal size for safe and efficient use
  • Made from superior Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), ensuring durability and long-term performance
  • A length of 50cm, catering to diverse interventions and providing accessibility to various body cavities.
  • Sterilization pre-packaging with Ethylene Oxide gas, ensuring a sterile, safe product ready for use
  • Each suction tube is individually packed in a sterile peel pack, guaranteeing product integrity

Product Packaging:

  • Single packing for each suction tube, ensuring single-use and preventing contamination
  • Secondary packaging in a box containing 50 suction tubes, ensuring quantity for continual use

Product Usage:

Sterile Suction Tube is primarily used for aspirating various fluids such as pus, blood, and other substances that may potentially block the pharynx or airways. It is designed for use orally, nasally, and via endotracheal or tracheotomy tubes, providing a versatile application in different scenarios.

Storage Guidelines:

Avoid extreme temperature variations and exposure to humidity. Verify the integrity of every unit before use. Thanks to sterile packaging, each tube remains contamination-free for single-use.

Safety Measures:

Designed for single-use to prevent cross-contamination. Adoption of clean insertion techniques is strongly recommended. Ensure proper incineration post-use under regulatory guidelines for safe disposal.

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