CH05 Sterile Disposable Feeding Tube – Enhanced Quality and Convenience in Enteral Feeding

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The Sterile Disposable Feeding Tube CH05 is designed for optimal, reliable enteral nutrition. This single-use, 40cm-long device ensures streamlined, unobstructed feeding.

  • It features a Luer tip stopper at the proximal end for easy attachment to feeding apparatus.
  • The distal end is smooth with side windows for better functionality.
  • Color-coded for effortless identification.
  • Made from durable Polyvinyl chloride (PVC).
  • Sterilized with ethylene oxide gas for safety.

This tube is part of our comprehensive kit IEHK2006, suppl.3-renewable. Ideal for gastroenteral feeding, especially in children. Comes packed in boxes of 50, each individually protected in a sterilized peel pack.

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CH05 Sterile Disposable Feeding Tube: Quality & Convenience in Enteral Feeding

In the realm of enteral feeding, the CH05 Sterile Disposable Feeding Tube stands out as a superior medical tool. Designed for efficient, hassle-free enteral feeding, this high-quality feeding tube is a practitioner's preferred choice for convenient and effective patient care.

Superior Feeding Performance

The CH05 feeding tube ensures a smooth and uninterrupted nutrient flow with its single-channel design. The unique structure minimizes the risk of blockages, promising efficient and optimized feeding experiences.

Easy and Secure Connectivity

The feeding tube boasts a Luer tip stopper at the proximal end for easy and secure connection to various feeding devices, maximizing ease of use and ensuring reliable feeding procedures.

Comfort-Centric Design

With a round and smooth finish at the distal end coupled with side windows, the CH05 sterile disposable feeding tube is thoughtfully designed to prioritize patient comfort, assuring enteral feeding is as comfortable as possible for the patient.

Easy Identification and Robust Material

The feeding tube is crafted with highly-resilient polyvinyl chloride (PVC), ensuring durability during enteral feeding procedures. Additionally, it features visible color-code markings, simplifying the identification process for optimal functionality and ease of use.

Dedicated to Sterility

Each feeding tube is sterilized with ethylene oxide gas. This treatment ensures safety from microbial contamination, prioritizing patients' health and safety throughout the use of the feeding tube. Moreover, individual sterilized peel pack packaging guarantees product integrity at every stage of usage.

User-Friendly and Safe Storage

Carrying features favorable for gastroenteral feeding enabling direct nutrient delivery to the stomach, the CH05 feeding tube is also ideal for feeding children with a Luer tip feeding syringe. For safe storage and to maintain product quality, it is recommended to store away from extreme temperatures and humidity.

Clean Practice and Responsible Disposal

Quality and care are embodied in every step, from insertion to disposal. Maintain a clean technique during insertion and adhere to responsible disposal practices by incinerating this single-use feeding tube. Contribute to sustainable healthcare practices with CH05 disposable feeding tubes.

Choose the CH05 Sterile Disposable Feeding Tube for its superior design, quality, and convenience in enteral feeding, setting a benchmark for medical feeding tools and solutions.

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