Premium Endotracheal Tube with Cuff - Size 6.5mm | Medical-Grade Respiratory Support Device

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Premium Endotracheal Tube with Cuff – Size 6.5mm | High-Quality Medical Device

A top-tier Endotracheal Tube crafted from firm Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), purposed for providing reliable respiratory assistance during anesthesia or resuscitation. Certified safe and effective, and sterilized using ethylene oxide or gamma radiation.

  • Standard Dimensions: Manufactured to meet universal requirements.
  • Innovative End Design: Includes a Magill-type point at the open distal end.
  • Secure Low-pressure Cuff: Near the distal end with an inflating system for optimal functionality.
  • Ease of Storage and Safety: Maintain in normal conditions and ensure package integrity before use.
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The Premium Endotracheal Tube with Cuff - Size 6.5mm is a medical-grade device, designed to manage and maintain an open airway during general anesthesia or emergency resuscitation. Constructed to meet top-notch industry standards, the sterile and disposable tube stands for reliability and endurance.

Key Features

  • Strict adherence to industry standards for dimension, tube, point, cuff, and marking ensuring optimal performance.
  • Facilitation of easy insertion via an open distal end and Magill-type point with a 37.5° oral angle.
  • A low-pressure cuff located near the distal end, equipped with an inflating system, valve, and Luer tip connector for maximum patient comfort.
  • An accessible standard connector at the proximal end allows easy attachment to ventilation systems.
  • Precision enhanced by radiopaque mark, Murphy's Eye, and graduations for accurate insertion.
  • Robust and safe construction using Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) for maximum durability and reliability.
  • Sterilization with Ethylene oxide gas or Gamma radiation offering superior bio-safety.

Packaging & Handling

  • Individual tubes are packed separately in a sterilized peel pack for adding to safety and user-friendliness.
  • Secondary packaging comprises a box containing 50 Endotracheal tubes to ensure ample supply.

Instructions for Use & Storage

This Endotracheal Tube is designed for insertion via mouth or nose and provides an essential avenue for ventilatory support. Usage during general anesthesia or resuscitation procedures should be done by trained medical personnel. Storage should be away from extreme conditions of temperature and humidity to retain quality. Ensure packaging integrity before use. The tube is intended for single use.

Safety Measures

It is essential to follow sterile techniques during insertion. Used tubes must be disposed via incineration in a controlled set-up to prevent contamination.

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