Sterile Disposable Tube for Aspirating/Feeding – CH12 Size, 125cm Length | Ideal for Medical Procedures

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Introducing the Sterile Disposable Tube purpose-built for Aspirating/Feeding. This high-quality, user-friendly device features a CH12 diameter and a 125cm length for versatile use. Uniquely crafted with a conical tip design and equipped with a cup connector at the proximal end for seamless device connection, it maximizes operational accuracy. Prominent markings identify cm points for precision use. Manufactured from robust Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), it is sterilized with Ethylene oxide gas, ensuring immediate readiness. Alignment to quality control, each unit comes individually packed in sterile peel packs, with 50 units per box. Specially designed for optimal performance in home and medical facility environments. Dispose responsibly post-use.

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Uplift your clinical practice and deploy unmatched patient safety with our premium Sterile Disposable Tubes for Aspirating/Feeding. Such items are perfect for improving care quality by escalating safety measures, as well as augmenting feeding and aspirating procedures. These CH12 size single-use tubes, 125cm in length, are fabricated from superior-grade Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), exclusively engendered for providing stellar performance while optimizing patient care facilities.

  • Optimal Patient Safety: The tubes are single-use items, which dramatically lowers the risk of cross-contamination, reinforcing it as a trustworthy and secure option for safe enteral feeding.
  • Distinctive Engineering: The single-channel tubes are designed with a conical tip and an open distal end that boasts four side windows. These characteristic markers at certain intervals aid in achieving precise placement.
  • Superior Material: Sturdy and resilient PVC forms the backbone of these tubes, ensuring its durability while maintaining physiological compatibility.
  • Thorough Sterilization: Ethylene oxide gas sterilization certifies that these tubes attain the gold standard in battling bacterial contaminants.

They are individually sealed in sterile peel packs, houses 50 tubes each box, facilitating straightforward storage and hassle-free supply monitoring. Please refrain from storing them under extreme temperatures and humidity conditions. Strictly meant for single-use purposes.

Highly recommend instituting clean practices during tube placement. Dispose these tubes through a controlled environment by means of incineration. If packaging appears compromised, the use of the tube is firmly discouraged. It is advisable to establish and maintain the patient's safety records by verifying the integrity of every unit before use.

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