Vacuum Blood Collection Tube - 4ml with Serum Gel - Box of 100: Advanced Solution to Laboratory Blood Collection

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Vacuum Blood Collection Tube – 4ml with Serum Gel is a paramount tool for laboratories. These robust PET tubes are equipped with a vacuum-sealed cap to secure optimal serum collection. Key features include:

  • 4ml capacity – ideal for serum collection in multiple laboratory settings.
  • Packed with a gel clot activator.
  • Stored ideally at 2 to 30°C to maintain efficacy.
  • Provides a box of 100 tubes, offering convenience and efficiency.
  • Each tube is lightweight with an estimated weight of 8.6kg, and has a volume of 34dm3.
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The Vacuum Blood Collection Tube - 4ml with Serum Gel - Box of 100 is a pivotal element for various laboratory services. Specially tailored to facilitate efficient blood sample collection, these tubes incorporate cutting-edge attributes to accelerate laboratory functions ranging from blood collection to serum analysis.

Key Attributes

  • The sizable 4ml capacity grants adequate space for blood collection, rendering them suitable for broad-spectrum laboratory applications.
  • Imbued with a vacuum-seal technology, these tubes guarantee prime environmental protection, thus averting leakage and sample corruption.
  • The integration of a proprietary gel clot activator remarkably accelerates the clotting phase, therefore yielding pure, analysis-ready serum.
  • Fabricated from the finest medical-grade plastic (PET), these tubes showcase resistance to physical stress, ensuring longevity.
  • Designed to store conveniently between 2-30 degrees Celsius, making them adaptable to a variety of laboratory environments.

Usage Guidelines
These tubes are predominantly utilized for serum extraction in diverse laboratory sectors. Maintain the storage temperature between 2-30 degrees Celsius to obtain optimal performance.

Each box consists of 100 vacuum blood collection tubes, meticulously packed to safeguard the sample integrity during transit and subsequent storage. Estimated Box Weight: 8.6kg, Box Volume: Approximately 34dm3

Product Specifications
This box of 100 vacuum blood collection tubes is an extension of reliable laboratory asset, fostering an efficient and secure environment for serum analysis and collection.

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