High-Quality 6ml Blood Collection Vacuum Tubes, Plain/Dry – Box of 100

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6ml Blood Collection Vacuum Tubes, Plain/Dry, Box of 100

An essential tool for blood collection tasks, these 6ml vacuum tubes, provided in a pack of 100, are designed to preserve the integrity of collected samples. Exceptional features include:

  • Efficient Blood Collection: leveraging vacuum technology for smooth blood collection.
  • Sample Safety: airtight vacuum seal cap guarantees sample reliability.
  • Considerable capacity: holds up to 6ml blood, serving extensive diagnostic requirements.
  • Robust Construction: built with high-grade plastic (PET), ensuring resilience during storage or transport.
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High-Quality 6ml Blood Collection Vacuum Tubes, Plain/Dry – Box of 100

If precision, efficiency, and safety are a priority, our High-Quality 6ml Blood Collection Vacuum Tubes are the perfect choice. These plain/dry vacuum tubes are designed for ideal blood collection, storage, and transport for subsequent analysis and diagnostic procedures.

Outstanding Features

  • Ideal for General Chemistry Tests: These tubes are plain/dry without any anticoagulant – perfect for general chemistry tests and serology.
  • Capped With Vacuum Seal: These vacuum tubes ensure precise draw volume for accurate results, courtesy of their vacuum seal.
  • 6 ml Capacity: With an ample 6 ml capacity, these tubes can collect a substantial amount of blood, fulfilling diverse testing requirements.
  • PET Plastic Construction: These vacuum tubes are constructed from high-quality PET plastic, known for its durability and chemical resistance, offering reliable longevity.

Storage Guidelines

To achieve optimal performance, store these vacuum tubes in temperatures ranging from 2 to 30°C.

Package Details

  • 100 vacuum tubes of 6 ml capacity each are packed in a single box.
  • The estimated weight of each box is 9.5 kg.
  • The approximate volume of each box is 0.041 m³, making it compact and easy to store.
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