'High-Quality Vacuum Blood Collection Tube with EDTA 6ml: Advanced Solution for Lab Blood Collection'

Short description

Product: High-Quality Vacuum Blood Collection Tube with EDTA 6ml

  • Engineered for a wide spectrum of lab applications
  • Efficient vacuum seal cap for enhanced sample preservation
  • Contains an anticoagulant, EDTA K3, for high-performance blood collection
  • Constructed using durable, clinically-safe PET plastic
  • 6ml capacity accommodating substantial sample volumes
  • Store between 2 and 30 degrees Celsius for optimal performance
  • Packaged in boxes of 100 tubes for supply efficiency
  • Physical specifications: Weight – 9.6kg, Volume – 0.00041m3

Boost your lab procedures with our top-grade Vacuum Blood Collection Tube, ensuring precise and trustworthy results.

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Introducing our High-Quality Vacuum Blood Collection Tube with EDTA 6ml: A cutting-edge solution designed especially for laboratory blood collection. This medical tool has been constructed with rigorous precision, offering flawless performance across diverse applications while ensuring easy, efficient, and painless blood collection.

Key Features and Composition

  • A High-quality Vacuum Blood Collection Tube for consistent performance.
  • An Efficient vacuum seal cap for a secure seal.
  • Enriched with EDTA K3 for maintaining the blood sample's integrity.
  • Optimal tube capacity of 6ml, fulfilling diverse laboratory needs.
  • A Durable plastic (PET) construction for improved longevity.

Usage Guidelines

  • Perfect fit for basic to reference laboratories, boosting usability.
  • For peak efficiency, storage temperature should be between 2 and 30C.

Packaging Details
Each box contains 1(one) Tube, vacuum, EDTA, 6ml, packaged securely to ensure the product's safety.

Product Dimensions
Package weighs 9.6kg and has a calculated volume of 0.00041m3. Experience unrivalled performance and optimize your laboratory procedures with our exemplary Vacuum Blood Collection Tube.

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