High-Quality Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes with EDTA - Optimal Choice for Efficient Blood Collection

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High-Quality Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes with EDTA – 4ml, Box of 100 are indispensable for effective and safe blood collection in various health settings. These tubes highlight:

  • Excellent vacuum seal cap to ensure and maintain specimen purity.
  • EDTA K3 additive for anticoagulation, assisting in the prevention of blood clotting—ideal for a range of lab tests.
  • Durable PET plastic composition ensures durability and safe handling.

The tubes provide reliable performance when stored between 2°C and 30°C. Each box contains 100 units.

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Superior Quality Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes with EDTA - A Reliable Choice for Medical Professionals

For exceptional accuracy in blood collection and sample preservation, the High-Quality Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes with EDTA are an outstanding choice. With top-tier construction and an excellent design, these tubes ensure efficient collection of blood specimens while offering reliability for medical personnel globally.

  • Premium Vacuum Seal Cap: Each tube in the pack of 100 features a high-quality vacuum seal cap that safeguards the integrity of the contained blood sample, ensuring no leakage or contamination occurs.
  • Pre-loaded EDTA K3: The tubes are filled with EDTA K3, an anticoagulant additive that extends the lifespan and maintains the precision of the blood samples, thus facilitating accurate diagnosis and testing.
  • Sturdy PET Plastic Body: Made from robust PET plastic, these tubes are made to endure, complying with the rigorous standards set by medical facilities across the globe.

These premium tubes are designed for effectiveness and can maintain their efficiency when stored in temperatures between 2°C and 30°C, making them suitable for a variety of climates and storage situations. Furthermore, the estimated weight of the package is a manageable 8.6 kg, while the 0.00034m³ volume allows for easy storage and transportation, ensuring minimal hassle and maximum convenience.


  • Package Weight: 8.6 kg
  • Package Volume: 0.00034 m³
  • Temperature Range for Optimal Storage: 2°C - 30°C
  • Material: PET Plastic
  • Cap: Vacuum Seal
  • Additive: EDTA K3
  • Tube Capacity: 4 ml

With this optimal blend of superior construction and enhanced features, these High-Quality Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes with EDTA set the standard for efficient, reliable blood collection in medical facilities.

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