Premium 2ml EDTA Vacuum Blood Collection Tube - Pack of 100

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Presenting our Premium 2ml EDTA Vacuum Blood Collection Tube – Box of 100, essential for laboratory sample collection. Key attributes include:

  • Constructed from sturdy, transparent PET plastic for effortless sample analysis.
  • Prefilled with EDTA K3 anticoagulant to prevent blood clot formation.
  • 2ml capacity suitable for a range of blood test requirements.
  • Featuring a vacuum seal cap enabling efficient specimen collection and convenient usage.
  • Available in boxes of 100 tubes, providing a cost-saving option for medical institutions.
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Our Premium 2ml EDTA Vacuum Blood Collection Tube - Box of 100 is a vital tool in the medical and research fields. These tubes, engineered with a vacuum seal cap, are optimized for easy and efficient blood sample collection.

Superior Quality Construction
Outfitted with rugged, clear PET plastic, these tubes provide the durability needed in a lab setting while offering excellent visibility for sample content monitoring.

Reliability with EDTA K3
Each tube is filled with EDTA K3, a widely utilized anticoagulant in medical and lab practices, which effectively preserves the structure and functionality of blood cells. This ensures trustworthy and precise test outcomes.

Convenient and Versatile Capacity
Each tube offers a perfect 2ml sample size for regular hematology analysis and clinical biochemistry tests, making these tubes highly versatile for various laboratory settings - from basic research labs to high-level diagnostic labs.

Cost-Effective Packaging
The Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes come in boxes of 100, providing quantity at an affordable price, ideal for high usage scenarios.

  • Constructed of high-quality PET plastic
  • 2ml sample capacity is ideal for routine lab tests
  • Each box contains 100 tubes
  • Units weigh approximately 8.6kg
  • Each tube has a volume of 0.00034m3
  • Contains EDTA K3 for optimal anticoagulant properties

Our Premium 2ml EDTA Vacuum Blood Collection Tube is a critical staple for any laboratory, ensuring efficiency, precision, and reliability in blood sample collection.

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