Yankauer Suction Tube, 270mm: Advanced Surgical Fluid Aspiration Tool

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Yankauer Suction Tube, 270mm: Efficient & Reliable Surgical Fluid Aspiration Tool

This superior 27cm-long Yankauer Suction Tube excellently facilitates fluid and secretions removal during surgical procedures. Constructed from durable high-grade Austenitic steel, it boasts Chromium, Nickel, and Molybdenum content, offering resistance against various conditions. Key Features:

  • Tip and Tubing Connector are removable, allowing easy maintenance.
  • Individual packaging for assured sterility.
  • Safe composition, with a recommended cleaning and steam sterilization routine for maximum hygiene.
  • Included in the comprehensive Abdominal Set S9910000.
  • Lightweight (0.115kg) and compact (0.160cdm) for ease of handling and transportation.
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Yankauer Suction Tube, 270mm: Premium Tool for Enhanced Surgical Fluid Aspiration

With a focus on unparalleled reliability and efficiency, the Yankauer Suction Tube, 270mm, is a fundamental tool in today's medical and surgical fields. Its primary function is the removal of fluids and secretions from the surgical site, a task it executes seamlessly, ensuring a clear operative area for medical teams.

  • Its thoughtful design includes a curved structure, enhancing both efficiency and precision.
  • The tool features a removable tip and a tubing connector facilitating easy adaptation in varied surgical contexts.
  • The optimal length of 27cm is meticulously calculated to guide smooth operations standardly.
  • Flexibility in function is supported by providing options between 6mm or 8mm diameters.

Made of high-quality Austenitic steel, the Yankauer Suction Tube boasts exceptional durability. The composition includes:

  • 16 - 18% Chromium for hardenability and corrosion resistance.
  • 10 - 14% Nickel to increase toughness.
  • 2 - 3% Molybdenum to improve strength and resist pitting in chloride-containing solutions.

The Yankauer Suction Tube is individually packed in a plastic bag and includes comprehensive labeling and storage guidelines. Opaque-packaged units include a detailed diagram for proper identification. Key highlights of the packaging are:

  • Dependable manufacturer details.
  • Comprehensive product referencing.
  • Explicit guide defining the main features.

The Yankauer Suction Tube's careful weight and volume attributes ensure ease-of-use:

  • Weight: 0.115kg for easy handling and operation.
  • Volume: 0.160cdm to promote effective storage and transportation.

The Yankauer Suction Tube is part of the S9910000 - Surgical Instrument, Abdominal Set, and must be cleaned and sterilized post-use following recommended safety guidelines.

Implement the Yankauer Suction Tube, 270mm into your operative processes for optimal fluid aspiration efficiency.

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