Premium Sterile 5.0ml Screw Cap Tubes: Enhancing Laboratory Accuracy & Efficiency

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Premium Sterile 5.0ml Screw Cap Tubes: Lab-optimized for efficiency and accuracy, ideal for high-throughput demand.

  • Sterile: Minimizes cross-contamination risk for reliable results.
  • Screw Cap: Ensures airtight sealing for optimum sample conservation.
  • Space-Efficient & Lightweight: Boasting a box weight of 3.25kg for optimal lab storage and easy stacking.

Suitable for diverse samples, these tubes stand out for their 5.0ml capacity. Each box contains 1000 units, enhancing organization and productivity. Their robust polypropylene material allows secure storage. Enjoy true reliability with these superior quality tubes.

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Premium Sterile 5.0ml Screw Cap Tubes: Uplifting Precision and Reliability in Laboratories

Cut a path into the sphere of superior sterility with our Premium Sterile 5.0ml Screw Cap Tubes. Purposefully crafted to imbue unrivaled precision and reliability, these tubes signify supremacy in laboratory essentials, guaranteeing unparalleled performance across varied lab environments.

  • Uncompromised Sterility: Each tube is pre-sterilized, ensuring the secure handling of delicate specimens right out of the box.
  • Exemplary Durability: Constructed from industry-grade polypropylene, the tubes can resist extreme situations - from autoclaving to freezing - without compromising sterility.
  • Superior Functionality and Efficiency: With a beneficial 5.0ml capacity, the tubes adeptly cater to most lab tests. A screw cap design further safeguards sample integrity during long-term storage and transit.
  • Cost-Effective Excellence: Available in bulk, with 1000 tubes per pack, we provide unrivaled value without breaking the budget.
  • Compact and Convenient: A weight of approximately 3.25kg and a volume of 0.03m3 translate to easy storage and effortless handling.

Our Premium Sterile Screw Cap Tubes redefine laboratory processes by increasing efficiency, certainty, and exactness. These compactly packaged tubes facilitate space management and promote rapid dispensing, fitting seamlessly into any lab setting. Make a worthy investment in our top-tier tubes to enhance your analytical results and streamline your laboratory procedures.

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