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Product: An essential laboratory asset, our Screw Cap Conical Tubes of 15ml and 50ml, crafted with high-quality endurance materials, are available. Highlighted by functionality and precision, these tools contribute significantly to any laboratory setup.

  • Durable: Fabricated from robust polyethylene terephthalate for relentless endurance and longevity.
  • Easy to Use: Featured with a broad neck and conical bottom for smooth and effortless operation.
  • Real-time Precision: Empowered with calibrated markings ensuring accurate and reliable results.
  • Secure: Leak-proof screw cap design underpins sample integrity.
  • Variety: The set comprises 15ml and 50ml tubes, accommodating diverse laboratory needs.

Distinguished by their lightweight (4.8 kg) and compactness (48dm3), these tubes make a perfect fit for hospital labs and reference facilities.

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Introducing our High-Quality Durable Screw Cap Conical Tubes in 15ml & 50ml Sizes. These superior-grade conical tubes are designed to meet the various needs of modern laboratories, promising durability, efficiency, and convenience. Ideal for hospitals, educational institutions, and research centers, these indispensable lab tools showcase first-rate precision and resilience.

Built with robust polyethylene terephthalate, these conical tubes offer unparalleled chemical resistance and longevity. The smart conical bottom design aids in smooth filling and decanting, while the wide neck facilitates easy usage. Each tube comes with a secure screw cap to prevent leakage and safeguard your samples, guaranteeing undisturbed preservation.

  • Constructed from robust polyethylene terephthalate offering unmatched chemical resistance and extended usability.
  • Conical bottom design and wide neck for effortless filling and decanting.
  • Easy-to-read graduation marks for accurate measurements.
  • Leak-proof screw cap for secured sample preservation.
  • Available in 15ml and 50ml sizes to fulfill varying lab requirements.

Every order includes 500 superior tubes, split equally between 15ml and 50ml capacities. Ideal for centrifuge use, but centrifuge is not part of the package.

With a minimal weight of approximately 4.8kg and a compact volume of 48 cubic decimeters, these conical tubes are designed to maximize lab space efficiency.

For labs in hospitals, educational institutions, and research centers, our High-Quality Durable Screw Cap Conical Tubes are essential equipment for a myriad of lab procedures.

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