High-Quality Laboratory Rubber Tube for Precision Vacuum Filtration | Superior Durability & Efficiency

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Showcasing the High-Quality Laboratory Vacuum Filtration Rubber Tube, engineered for precise and efficient filtration. Distinctive features include:

  • Superior construction for reliable filtration outcomes
  • Versatile design compatible with a vast range of laboratory equipment
  • Fine-tuned for MICS Testing, optimal for Microbiological Indicator of Drinking Water Quality checks and similar water analysis
  • Dimensionally accurate with an inner diameter of 8mm and outer diameter of 11mm for perfect fitting
  • Available in 10-meter lengths to cater to a multitude of laboratory applications

Your definitive choice for seamless laboratory filtration operations.

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High-Quality Ethylene Propylene Laboratory Rubber Tube for Precision-Measured Vacuum Filtration

The ultimate tool for laboratories, our high-end Laboratory Vacuum Filtration Rubber Tube enhances precision, throughput and efficiency in your workflow. This reliable, resilient, and versatile tube-line made from superior ethylene propylene, is carefully engineered to improve laboratory efficiency and productivity.

Outstanding Features

  • Made from top-notch ethylene propylene to endure high-pressure lab settings
  • 8mm internal diameter and 11mm external diameter offers perfect connection and snug fitting
  • Effectively prevents vacuum collapses and implosion by enduring standard lab pressure
  • Offered as a 10-meter flexible unit that can be cut into customized 15 cm pieces, providing both economy and flexibility

Wide-ranging Compatibility and Exceptional Adaptability

Designed to be seamlessly compatible with a wide range of lab equipment including Buchner filtration flasks, Filter support Manifold, Ayer's Syringe and more. Its robust construction eliminates any risk of implosion, ensuring seamless performance and extreme durability.

Improves Laboratory Execution

Engage in detailed microbiological water testing or other lab tasks with this superior vacuum filtration rubber tube. The proactive combination of supreme versatility, value for money, performance, and durability makes it a dependable long-term partner for various laboratory applications.

Supplement your workspace with this exceptional rubber tube to enhance operational precision and productivity.

Boost Productivity with Compatible Products

Maximize efficiency with compatible products like Manifold (S0000564), Ayer's 100ml Syringe (S0000542), Filter flask with side-arm (S0000596), and Pistol Grip Vacuum Pump (S0000585).

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