Superior Heparin Coated Capillary Tubes for Laboratory Excellence

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Discover the high-quality Heparin Coated Capillary Tubes, ideal for precision-centered lab studies. Constructed from resilient glass and featuring a Heparin coating, these tubes prevent blood clotting for trustworthy results. Ideal for blood evaluation, hematological probing, and microbiology investigations.

  • Durable: Made from resilient glass for lasting use.
  • Heparin Infused: Inhibits blood coagulation, enhancing result accuracy.
  • Optimum Size: 1.15mm inner diameter, 75mm length assures unobstructed sample flow.
  • Package: Conveniently packed in sets of 100 and encased in glass boxes for secure management and storage.
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High-Performance Heparin Coated Capillary Tubes - Precision in Laboratory Testing

Enhance your laboratory's performance with our High-Grade Heparin Coated Capillary Tubes. Made for professionals, these high-premium tubes deliver unparalleled accuracy and robustness for diverse and complex testing procedures. Be it intricate scientific research or routine diagnostic tests, you can count on these capillary tubes for delivering reliable, reproducible results.

Key Features:

  • High-Class Glass Material: Made from top-tier glass material, ensuring durability, resistance to wear-and-tear, and easy upkeep.
  • Premium Heparin Coating: Each capillary tube is coated with a professional-grade heparin solution to inhibit blood coagulation effectively, preserving the integrity of your results.
  • Standard Measurements: With an internal diameter of 1.15mm and length of 75mm, these tubes comply with global industry standards, assuring compatibility with your existing laboratory equipment.
  • Secure Packaging: Orders include 100 tubes per glass box, easing storage and transportation needs. Boxes of 1000 tubes are also available to support large-scale laboratory needs.

Enhance Your Work With Precision and Accuracy

Our Heparin Coated Capillary Tubes are important assets for laboratories prioritizing accuracy. The high-quality heparin coating functionally prevents blood coagulation during testing processes, offering reassurance that each result reflects true data.

Efficiency and Safety to Simplify Your Work

Each capillary tube is carefully packed inside robust glass boxes of 100 units. Boxes containing 1000 units are also available, catering to larger-scale laboratory operations and providing less disruption in workflow. The 1 kg weight and 9 dm3 volume of each order ensure ease of transport and storage.

Package Details:

These tubes are meticulously packed in sets of 1000 per box. The package is approximately 1 kg, with a total volume of 9dm3, facilitating easy storage and transportation.

Experience superior lab efficiency with our High-grade Heparin Coated Capillary Tubes that promise robustness, accuracy, and convenience.

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