High-Quality EDTA Coated Capillary Tubes for Precision Blood Collection - Pack of 1000

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Maximize testing accuracy with the Quality EDTA Coated Capillary Tubes, ideal for precise capillary blood collection in healthcare and laboratory environments. The product specifics include:

  • Purpose-Built: Exclusively designed for capillary blood collection and processing.
  • EDTA Coating: Ensures precision and consistency in test results.
  • Optimal Size: Dimensionally perfect with a diameter of 1.15 mm and length of 75 mm.
  • Bulk Packaging: Offered in vials of 100, conveniently stored in bulk boxes of 1000 for high-volume usage.

By applying a premium grade EDTA coating, these tubes deliver reliable performance, making them an essential tool in maintaining rigorous testing standards.

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Quality EDTA Coated Capillary Tubes for Precision Blood Collection | Pack of 1000

Delivering unmatched quality and performance, our premium-pack of 1000 EDTA Coated Capillary Tubes is the ultimate solution for precise and reliable blood collection. Meticulously designed to meet the highest standards of modern clinical laboratories and hospitals, these capillary tubes ensure maximum accuracy in diagnostics.

Product Features:

  • Diameter: 1.15mm & Length: 75mm for consistency in capillary blood collection.
  • Even EDTA coating to prevent coagulation and retain original blood properties.
  • Convenience of vials holding 100 tubes each for easy handling and contamination prevention.
  • Lightweight box dimensions for ease in storage and transportation.

Quality & Consistency:

Our EDTA capillary tubes are precision-crafted for accuracy in blood sample collection, making them a reliable choice for healthcare practitioners. With internal dimensions optimized for consistent blood collection, our capillary tubes maintain the integrity of the samples for precise diagnostics.

Efficiency & Ease:

Packed in a compact, lightweight box that holds 1000 tubes, our bundle ensures convenience in storage and transportation. Crafted for maximum efficiency, our tubes offer a perfect blend of utility and user-friendly design.

With our high-quality EDTA Coated Capillary Tubes, invest in precision and reliability.

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