TSM-1500: Unmatched Precision Cutting Machine for Various Materials

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TSM-1500: High-Precision Cutting Machine for Metals and Plastics

  • High-Precision Cutting: Leverages advanced technology to deliver burr-free, ultra-accurate cuts, enhancing product quality.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for both portable and stationary use, suitable for a variety of operational environments.
  • Innovative Usability: Possesses a step feed function for incremental cuts, ensuring higher control and precision.
  • Wide Material Compatibility: Its robust design can comfortably cut a range of materials including high nickel alloys, carbon steel, and various plastics.
  • Design Superiority: Uniquely designed to circumvent the inner tube wall during cutting, preserving the material’s original quality and integrity.
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Discover Unprecedented Cutting Excellence with the TSM-1500 Cutting Machine

Introducing the TSM-1500 - a game-changing precision cutting machine that brings in revolution with its advance technology and innovative design. Ideal for portable or table-mounted mass production, this cutting-edge tool redefines the conventional use of flat machines. Operating on a 230V power supply, the TSM-1500 is engineered for accurate and burr-free vertical cutting.

Supported by a precise cutting feed function, it guarantees smooth, flat cuts, exhibiting unmatched precision in terms of length and clamping. The versatile machine skillfully cuts most metal and plastic materials, proving its effectiveness on high nickel alloys and carbon steel.

The TSM-1500 stands out with its user-friendly step feed function and an adjustable dial, enabling users to calibrate cutting length to meticulous scale values. A specialized observation hole facilitates convenient blade monitoring and quick blade replacement. Furthermore, the machine is specifically designed to avoid cutting inner walls, hence preserving tube quality and precision.

Invest in the TSM-1500 for an efficient, precise, and burr-free cutting cross verticals that assure unparalleled quality.

Product Specifications:

  • Diameter Range (OD): 1/8' (3.18mm) to 1/2' (38.1mm)
  • Electric Drill: 220V/50HZ
  • Weight: 4.54KG
  • Package includes: Fixed table flat machine, Lithium battery electric drill
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