Trichostatin A - Remarkable Chemical Compound for Scientific Research

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Trichostatin A – Remarkable Chemical Compound for Scientific Research

  • Chemical Formula: [R-(E,E)]-7-[4-(Dimethylamino)phenyl]-N-hydroxy-4,6-dimethyl-7-oxo-2,4-heptadienamide
  • Purity: ≥ 98% (HPLC)
  • Source: Streptomyces sp.
  • Usage: Trichostatin A (TSA) is commonly used in scientific research and the production of cloned mouse embryos
  • Catalog Number: T8552
  • CAS Number: 58880-19-6
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Trichostatin A - Remarkable Chemical Compound for Scientific Research

Introducing Trichostatin A (TSA), a remarkable chemical compound that has been widely used in the field of scientific research. With its unique properties and composition, TSA has become an indispensable tool for various applications in laboratory settings. Let's delve into the fascinating details of this extraordinary substance.

Chemical Formula:



TSA boasts an impressive purity of at least 98%, as determined by High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC). This exceptional level of purity ensures consistent and reliable results, making it an ideal choice for researchers and scientists.


Derived from Streptomyces sp., a genus of bacteria known for producing a plethora of bioactive compounds, TSA is one such remarkable discovery. The natural origin of TSA adds to its appeal, as it provides a sustainable and environmentally conscious alternative for various applications.


One of the most prominent applications of TSA is its role in the production of cloned mouse embryos. By inhibiting specific enzymes, TSA has been shown to play a crucial role in promoting successful gene expression during the development of cloned embryos. Beyond its role in embryo production, TSA has also found utility in multiple research areas, such as:

  • Epigenetics studies
  • Cancer research
  • Investigations into cellular differentiation
  • Neurobiology research
  • Pharmacological research

Catalog Number:

Identified by the catalog number T8552, TSA can be easily procured for your laboratory needs. This convenient reference code simplifies the ordering process, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

CAS Number:

The Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) number, 58880-19-6, uniquely identifies TSA, allowing for standardized recognition and easy access to relevant information. This universally recognized identifier streamlines communication and ensures accuracy in scientific discourse.

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