Tri Reagent for DNA RNA and Protein Isolation

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  • Versatile and Efficient: Tri Reagent is a solution for DNA, RNA, and protein purifications, suitable for a wide range of applications in molecular biology.
  • Works with Multiple Sample Types: Can be used with various sample types, including cells and tissues.
  • High-quality Results: Provides high-quality results and simplifies the isolation process for single-step RNA extraction, DNA/RNA/protein extraction, and DNA/RNA/protein purification.
  • Available in 25ML and 100ML Packs: Choose from different pack sizes to meet your specific needs.
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Tri Reagent for DNA, RNA and Protein Isolation

Tri Reagent for DNA, RNA and Protein Isolation

Tri Reagent for Efficient Molecular Biology Applications

Tri Reagent is a versatile and efficient solution for DNA, RNA, and protein purifications. It is extensively used in molecular biology research and is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Key Features:

  • Effective DNA, RNA, and Protein Isolation: Tri Reagent provides efficient and reliable isolation of DNA, RNA, and proteins from cells and tissues, ensuring high-quality results.
  • Single-step Extraction: With a simplified workflow, Tri Reagent offers a single-step extraction process, saving time and effort in isolating nucleic acids and proteins.
  • Wide Compatibility: Tri Reagent works with various sample types including cells, tissues, cultured cell lines, primary cells, animal tissues, plant tissues, and bacteria, allowing for a broad range of applications in molecular biology.
  • High Yield and Purity: This reagent enables the extraction of high yields of nucleic acids and proteins while maintaining their integrity and purity, ensuring accurate downstream analysis and experimentation.
  • Flexible Packaging Options: Tri Reagent is available in 25ML and 100ML packs, providing options for different laboratory needs and usage requirements.

Product Protocol:

  1. Homogenize the Sample: Homogenize cells or tissues in Tri Reagent to disrupt the cell structure and release DNA, RNA, and proteins.
  2. Add Chloroform: Mix chloroform vigorously with the homogenized sample, resulting in the separation of the mixture into distinct phases - DNA and RNA in the aqueous phase, and proteins in the organic phase.
  3. Centrifuge: Centrifuge the mixture to separate the phases. Transfer the aqueous phase containing DNA and RNA to a fresh tube.
  4. Precipitate and Wash: Add ethanol to the aqueous phase to precipitate the nucleic acids, followed by washing with ethanol to remove impurities.
  5. Resuspend and Analyze: Resuspend the purified DNA and RNA in an appropriate buffer for downstream applications, such as PCR, RT-PCR, sequencing, or gene expression analysis.

Tri Reagent simplifies the process of DNA, RNA, and protein isolation, providing researchers and scientists with a reliable and efficient solution for their molecular biology experiments.

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