Top-Quality HS Treponemal Syphilis ELISA Kit for Rapid & Accurate Diagnosis

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The Treponemal Syphilis ELISA Kit delivers an efficient and incredibly accurate means for syphilis detection. It boasts a superior sensitivity of 99.5% and a specificity of 98%. The kit contains all essentials like antigen-coated microplate, enzyme conjugate, wash, substrate, and stop solutions, ensuring structured testing. Quick results can be expected within 2 hours. Packaging comes with a comprehensive, multi-language product insert. The product shelf life stands at 12 months.

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Essential Diagnostic Tool: Highly Sensitive Treponemal Syphilis ELISA Kit - Rapid & Accurate Detection

The Highly Sensitive and Specific Treponemal Syphilis ELISA Kit is a revolutionary diagnostic tool designed for speedy, accurate, and reliable syphilis detection. Crafted with precision, it uses high-tech enzyme-linked immunoassay (ELISA) to identify syphilis antibodies in serum samples.

The kit adopts a competitive, qualitative approach, focused on maintaining both sensitivity and specificity, which furnishes you with results you can depend on.

Unsurpassed Sensitivity & Specificity

  • Boasting an exceptional sensitivity of 99.5% means a significant reduction in the risk of false negatives.
  • Its whopping specificity of 98% lowers the chances of false positives, ensuring unmatched accuracy in syphilis detection.

Fast & Convenient

A perfectly optimized process for serum sample testing, bestowing results in just 2 hours - an ideal tool for medical settings warranting speedy and accurate outcomes.

Fully-featured Kit

This kit comes with all essentials needed for effective syphilis testing:

  • Microplate (96 wells) coated with Antigen
  • Enzyme conjugate & washing solution
  • Substrate along with diluent
  • Solution to stop the process
  • Negative control, low positive control, and high positive control
  • Instructions Manual in English, French, and Spanish

Safe Storage & Transport

To be stored at temperatures between 2°C and 8°C to retain efficacy. Can uphold temperatures up to 22°C for seven days during transport. Humidity does not affect its performance.

Durable Shelf Life

A long-lasting shelf life of 12 months enables better planning, and effective inventory management in medical facilities.

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