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TP060 Tube to Tube Sheet Weld Head offers advanced TIG welding solution for activities in diverse industries. Boasting suitability with both carbon and stainless steel, it’s ideal for chemical, food, heat exchanging, medicine, power plants, and boiler applications.

  • Exemplary performance with iOrbital3600 and iOrbital5000 power supply units.
  • Pneumatic clamping positioning, offering hands-free secure fixation.
  • Features an automatic arc length control device with manually adjustable option.
  • Equipped with water-cooled TIG torch for efficient tungsten management.
  • Winding-free operation facilitated by a wire feeder with a 1.0kg wire tray.
  • Fully customisable parameters for accurate operation including rotation speed, cooling, material, and pipe specs.
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TP060 Tube to Tube Sheet Weld Head - The Optimal Choice for Automated TIG Welding Operations

The TP060 Tube to Tube Sheet Weld Head is a top-tier automated TIG welding tool, specifically designed for producing robust and effective tube-to-tube plate joints. Endowed with the power of precision, this versatile tool caters to a wide range of materials, specializing in carbon steel and stainless steel.

Used extensively across a host of industries, including the food production, heat exchangers, boiler manufacturing, power plants, and nuclear power systems, it stands as an invaluable tool for sectors where welding is fundamental.

The key features of the TP060 Tube to Tube Sheet Weld Head include:

  • Compatibility with the iOrbital3600 and iOrbital5000 programmable welding power supply. This versatile nature allows for a range of welding applications to be executed proficiently.
  • Pneumatic clamping positioning for secure placement on the tube plate, negating the need for manual intervention whilst increasing productivity and accuracy.
  • An automatic arc length control device is incorporated that can also be adjusted manually for complete control and precision to accomplish your welding tasks satisfly.
  • Water-cooled TIG torch that promotes easy and swift tungsten adjustments or replacements.
  • An integrated wire feeder with a 1.0kg wire tray that emphasizes winding-free operation, reducing downtime, and escalating operational efficiency.
  • Ergonomically designed handle complete with operational buttons ensuring ease-of-use and operator comfort during operation.
  • Comprehensive parameter control that includes welding material, pipe diameter, pipe wall thickness, rotation speed, tube plate form, arc length adjustment distance, cooling mode, and cooling flow rate among others, guaranteeing a bespoke welding process tailored to your individual needs.

The TP060 Tube to Tube Sheet Weld Head is indeed the ultimate choice for industries desiring optimized and automated TIG welding operations.

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