TOPS-SA-2: Superior, Safe, and Sustainable Heat Transfer Fluid

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TOPS-SA-2: Exceptional, High-Quality Heat Transfer Fluid. This unique blend of water-based and organic salts provides exceptional performance and is heavily favored across various industries. It exhibits non-hazardous, non-toxic properties coupled with an odorless and biodegradable nature that highlights its environmental friendliness. It is CFC-free, ensuring a positive impact on our planet. Furthermore, it resists corrosion and microbial growth, safeguarding system integrity. Outshining in its superior thermophysical attributes, it facilitates heat transfer efficiency and stability from -58u00b0F (-50u00b0C) to 425u00b0F (218u00b0C). Endorsed for pharmaceutical processes, LPG processing, food and beverage industries, chemical processes, low-temperature baths, and climatic chambers.

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TOPS-SA-2 tops the charts in the heat transfer fluids segment, par excellence in power, performance, and eco-friendliness. Rendered with a perfect blend of organic salts and water derivatives, this fluid, remarkably safe, and highly efficient, consistently delivers top-notch thermal proficiency. Our specialized formula spans an operating breadth between -58u00b0F (-50u00b0C) and 425u00b0F (218u00b0C), unmistakably outmatching peers in the same temperature range.

  • TOPS-SA-2 prides itself on being 100% odorless, sparing your employees from discomfort and ensuring a seamless work experience.
  • Committed to environmental conservation, it is wholly biodegradable and CFC-free, limiting its impact on the environment.
  • Superior in both formulation and function, it neither corrodes your machinery nor fosters microbial growth, thereby saving on operational costs.
  • TOPS-SA-2 leads the pack in thermophysical superiority, a testament to its enhanced performance.
  • Its diverse portfolio includes five standard formulations and embraces custom blends to accommodate your specific needs and applications.

In an industry landscape as competitive as heat transfer, TOPS-SA-2 is a game-changer with its flexibility and adaptability across varied applications. It can be seamlessly integrated into pharmaceutical and chemical processes, food and beverage production, climatic chambers, and LPG processing. Whether it's a need for superior efficiency, safety, or environmental sustainability, TOPS-SA-2 checks all the boxes, making it an unbeatable choice for forward-thinking industries.

Realize the full potential of your operations with TOPS-SA-2, the leading-edge, eco-friendly heat transfer fluid, acclaimed for its sterling performance and safety standards.

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