TOPS-HT-300 - High-Performance Heat Transfer Fluid for All Temperature Conditions

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TOPS-HT-300 – Versatile High-Temperature Heat Transfer Fluid

  • Model: TOPS-HT-300, an all-rounder, high-performance heat transfer fluid.
  • Applications: Robust across medical, industrial, and chemical sectors.
  • Physical Attributes: Clear and odorless liquid; highly compatible with a variety of metals without causing corrosion.
  • Temperature range: Effectively transfers heat within the range of 32u2794F to 572u2794F.
  • Safety: Ensures safer working conditions with its low toxicity.

The TOPS-HT-300 is a versatile, application-friendly heat transfer fluid. Notable for its broad temperature range, it can be used in high-temperature pharmaceutical applications, anhydrous chemical processes, and as a cooling substance in industrial systems. Its low toxicity and compatibility with various metals ensure a secure and efficient work environment.

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TOPS-HT-300 - An All-Round Solution for High-Temperature Heat Transfer

Introducing TOPS-HT-300, a high-temperature heat transfer fluid designed with exceptional versatility for powerful performance across a multitude of industrial applications. Formulated to excel under a broad temperature range, this heat transfer fluid offers optimal efficiency for drug manufacturing, chemical industries, and applications requiring high-temperature coolant and low-temperature cooling medium. Traditional coolants often fall short in high-heat environments, but TOPS-HT-300 rises to the challenge, taking your operations to higher productivity levels.

  • Pioneering Composition: TOPS-HT-300 is a colorless fluid devoid of abnormal odors, guaranteeing a seamless amalgamation into manufacturing operations. It's carefully designed formula ensures high performance in both anhydrous and oxygen-free reactions.
  • Distinctive Qualities: One of the many admirable qualities of this fluid is its low viscosity and large heat capacity, which allow for efficient heat transfer accumulated over a wide working temperature range.
  • Exceptional Performance: Displaying superior heat transfer qualities, this fluid functions efficiently across a wide temperature range from 0 to 300°C (32°F to 572°F), serving as an ultra-reliable choice fully capable to meet any heat requirement with no compromise on safety.
  • Corrosion Resistance: TOPS-HT-300 offers protection against corrosion for metals such as carbon steel, copper, stainless steel, and aluminum alloy, thus extending the life of your equipment and eliminating unnecessary costs.
  • Low Toxicity: Despite its formidable performance, it's characterized by a low-toxicity profile, making it a safe choice without compromising productivity.
  • Recommended Applications: Ideal for industries needing anhydrous or oxygen-free reactions, such as the medical and chemical sectors, TOPS-HT-300 assures maximal heat transfer without affecting safety or efficiency.

TOPS-HT-300 is your trusted solution where high-performance heat transfer is required. It provides a means for your operations to achieve superior heat transfer performance whilst ensuring the longevity of your equipment and maintaining high safety standards.

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