TOPS-HT-290: State-of-the-art Heat Transfer Liquid for Diverse Industrial Needs

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TOPS-HT-290, a high-performance liquid, excels in heat transfer applications across various industries, including medicine and chemical processes. Primarily a coolant, it’s highly prized for

  • Its low viscosity that ensures smooth flow across systems
  • Impressive heat capacity facilitating efficient heat absorption
  • Unparalleled heat transfer performance for effective heat exchange
  • A broad operating temperature range -30°C to 290°C

Also, its utility as a thermal oil enhances its industrial applications. Specializing in challenging environments, this fluid optimizes the performance and efficiency of sophisticated thermal machinery while adhering to rigorous safety standards.

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TOPS-HT-290: Unmatched Performance for Superior Heat Transfer

Introducing TOPS-HT-290, a trailblazing liquid material engineered to deliver dependable and effective heat transfer across an array of applications. This adaptable product boasts low viscosity and substantial heat capacity, making it an indispensable solution across sectors needing high-grade heat transfer functionality.

Exclusive Features

  • Physical State and Appearance: Liquid form with either clear or faint yellow appearance. Exhibits no conspicuous odor, delivering a user-friendly experience.
  • Metal Compatibility: Doesn't cause corrosion in metals such as carbon steel, copper, stainless steel, and aluminum alloy, enhancing its adaptability in diverse industrial environments.
  • Water Content: Minimal traces of water content underline its premium quality, ensuring steady, optimal performance.
  • Temperature Capacity: Sustains a maximum temperature of 360 degrees with an operational temperature range of -30°C to 290°C, signaling impressive versatility and efficiency.
  • Method of Use: Easy to use! Ensure all touch surfaces are dried using warm air before directly applying the raw liquid.
  • Eco-Friendly: Non-toxic, thereby safe for the environment and the user.
  • Applications: Multipurpose use in Medical, Chemical Industry, and more, particularly beneficial in anhydrous or oxygen-free reactions, and high temperature coolant/low-temperature cooling systems.

The impressive attributes of TOPS-HT-290, combined with its eco-friendly nature and extensive temperature adaptability, make it a prime choice for various industrial needs. Its standout performance as a thermal oil speaks volumes about its superior heat transfer qualities.

Invest in TOPS-HT-290 today to amplify your heat transfer processes, guaranteeing improved efficiency and rewarding business outcomes!

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