Non-Toxic, High-Performance TOPS-HC-70 Heat Transfer Fluid

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TOPS-HC-70 Heat Transfer Fluid

Introducing the industry-leading TOPS-HC-70 Heat Transfer Fluid, designed for thermodynamically efficient and cost-effective heating solutions. Key product features:

  • Nontoxic formulation: Offers safe usage across diverse industries.
  • Wide temperature range: Operates in temperatures ranging from -94u00b0F to 374u00b0F (-70 to 190u00b0C), enhancing versatility.
  • High performance: Exhibits low viscosity and high heat capacity for superior heat transfer. Additionally, its high flash point makes it fitting for both open bath and closed loop systems.
  • Industry Compliance: Meets U.S. FDA food safety requirements and showcases no corrosion tendencies, making it suitable for the medical, chemical industries and more.

TOPS-HC-70 Heat Transfer Fluid presents a high-value replacement to traditional aromatic hydrocarbons and silicone oils, especially for any application necessitating high-temperature coolants or anhydrous/oxygen-free reactions.

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Non-Toxic, High-Performance TOPS-HC-70 Heat Transfer Fluid with a Wide Temperature Range

Elevate your industrial processes with our TOPS-HC-70 heat transfer fluid. This product is an expertly engineered solution designed to address the needs of diverse industries. The impressive performance of this fluid significantly surpasses costly silicone oils and aromatic hydrocarbons, thanks to its non-toxic constitution.

A Blend of Quality and Affordability

At the heart of our mission lies the perfect blend of quality and affordability. We make it our job to ensure our product meets stringent industry standards while keeping it reasonably priced for our customers. Experience top-notch thermal solutions without compromising on your budget.

Key Product Features

  • Physical form: A colourless liquid free from any distinct odor
  • Water content: Almost negligible, increasing its effectiveness
  • Performance: Exceptional heat transfer capabilities paired with a wide operational temperature range of -94°F to 374°F
  • Functionality: Suitable for both open bath and closed-loop heat transfer systems within the recommended temperature range
  • Safety: Non-toxic and meets FDA safety standards for food

Experience Versatility

TOPS-HC-70 stands out because of the variety of industries it serves, including Medical, Chemical, and any system requiring anhydrous or oxygen-free reactions. Perfectly crafted to function as a high-temperature coolant and low-temperature cooling medium in industrial systems, this heat transfer fluid is an asset for every industrial process.

Instructions For Use

For best results, cleanse all surfaces using hot air prior to applying the raw liquid directly.

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