Superior Comfort & Safety with High-Quality Wooden Tongue Depressors

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High-quality, Comfortable Wooden Tongue Depressors: Crafted for patient ease, these tongue depressors have been designed with a size of 17 x 149mm and rounded ends for added comfort. Featuring a thickness of 1.6mm, these high-quality depressors are meant for single use, ensuring safety and prevention of cross-contamination. Packaged conveniently in a 100-piece box and also available in a larger quantity of 50 boxes per carton. They possess a lightweight and compact design, featuring a weight of 0.530Kg with an overall estimated volume of 1.530cdm. Perfect for efficient oral examinations, they should be stored responsibly in a clean environment to prevent any potential damage.

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Experience the Heightened Comfort of High-Quality Wooden Tongue Depressors

Providing unparalleled service in the medical field, our Wooden Tongue Depressors strike an extraordinary balance between durability, flexibility, and comfort. With a meticulous design featuring rounded ends, these top-grade tongue depressors ensure optimal patient comfort during oral examinations and various medical applications.

Premium Material for Enhanced Durability

  • Composed of high-grade wood, ensuring robustness and longevity.
  • The inherent strength of the wooden material ensures their continued efficacy throughout their single use.

Rounded Ends for Patient Comfort

  • Designed with rounded ends for a gentle contact, minimizing discomfort and enhancing patient experience.
  • The gentle form factor eases the examination process, ensuring patient ease and comfort.

Convenient Packaging

  • Primary packaging comprises 100 pieces, a compact arrangement for effortless storage and handling.
  • Secondary carton packaging is designed for convenient bulk transportation and storage.

Single Use and Safe Disposal

  • Intended for single use to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Adherence to local waste regulations ensures safe disposal.

Usage Guidelines

  • These depressors are non-sterile, making them ideal for oral examinations and health assessments.
  • Brought to you by esteemed health professionals to ensure patient safety and satisfaction.

Storage Instructions

  • Store in a clean, safe environment away from heat sources and excessive moisture to maintain the materials' integrity.
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