TOK Series All-Position Pipe Welding Torch: Precision TIG Welding Tool for Various Industries

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The TOK Series All-Position Pipe Welding Torch is a precision tool engineered for TIG welding applications on pipes/tubes. Ideal for use with carbon steel and stainless steel, this torch promises exceptional welds in demanding sectors, including nuclear power, chemicals, and food processing. The torch is compatible with iOrbital2000, iOrbital3600, iOrbital5000 welding power, ensuring versatility across varied needs. Its enduring build, incorporating a no-gap gear transmission and efficient cooling system, supports prolonged operations.

  • Designed explicitly for TIG pipe/tube welding
  • Optimal for carbon steel and stainless steel butt welding
  • Compatible with various iOrbital welding power ranges
  • Durable design with cooling system for extended usage
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TOK Series All-Position Pipe Welding Torch: Engineering Precision at Its Finest

The TOK Series All-Position Pipe Welding Torch is a meticulously designed TIG welding accessory and a game-changer for a myriad of industries. Be it chemical, food, pharmaceutical, engineering, boiler, military, or nuclear power industry, its wide-ranging application makes this tool a stand out.

  • Perfect for TIG pipe/tube welding - excels in both carbon steel and stainless steel tube/pipe butt welding.
  • Versatility - the tool accommodates filler wire and self-melting methods, offering adaptability and flexibility to the user.
  • Smooth Integration - interfaces seamlessly with iOrbital2000, iOrbital3600, iOrbital5000 controlled welding power.
  • Efficient Design - Lightweight structure crafted from primary aluminum has a caliper clamp method for different diameters. The no-gap gear transmission ensures smooth rotation and minimal inertia, making it ideal for precision work.
  • Reliability - Mechanical cam guiding mechanism ensures consistent distance between tungsten and the workpiece surface.
  • Diverse Applications - Suited for thin-walled steel and through steel pipe welding, it has wide utility. Additionally, the built-in welding torch cooling cycle permits prolonged continuous work without overheating.
  • Industrially Versatile - Finds extensive usage in pipe, pipe bend, flange, pipe valves, and joint installation.

Invest in the TOK Series All-Position Pipe Welding Torch, a tool that enhances your welding toolbox, and guarantees exceptional returns.

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