ZW-UC1000 TOC Analyzer for Precise Organic Carbon Testing

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The ZW-UC1000 TOC Analyzer heralds a new standard in Total Organic Carbon (TOC) testing. Emphasizing accuracy and efficiency, the analyzer operates in several industries including pharmaceutical and electronic manufacturing.

  • Outstanding Precision: Allows for quite accurate testing of organic carbon content.
  • Detection flexibility: Supports both online and offline modes.
  • Extensive Memory: Accommodates up to 6 months of data.
  • Economical Space Use: Its compact design ensures minimal space occupation.

With a working range of 0.001-1.000 mg/L, it’s designed for diverse applications, making it a valuable addition to any analytical lab.

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ZW-UC1000 TOC Analyzer: Advanced Solution for Accurate Organic Carbon Testing

Introducing the ZW-UC1000 TOC Analyzer—an outstanding technological breakthrough in testing and analyzing Total Organic Carbon (TOC) content. Designed for precision, this high-performance device amalgamates innovative features, leading to reliable and accurate analysis across a variety of applications.

Unmatched Precision and Speed

The ZW-UC1000 TOC Analyzer provides unrivaled accuracy with extremely sensitive measurements. It boasts a detection threshold as low as 0.001mg/L, covering an impressive range up to 1.000mg/L. The device promises minimal error and repeatability rate of ±5% and ±3% respectively, offering confidence and efficiency in data collection.

Intelligent Design for Enhanced Convenience

The ZW-UC1000 isn't just about precision, it's also crafted for usability. The device features an intelligent automatic tubing cleaning system that reduces manual effort and extends the equipment's lifespan. Its compact and portable design is perfect for optimizing workspace, while the user-friendly touchscreen contributes to a seamless experience. The in-built memory capability ensures up to six months of data backup and traceability, giving you peace of mind about past analyses.

Versatility Across Sectors

A true game-changer, this TOC analyzer is compatible with multiple sectors. Whether it is pharmaceuticals, medical devices manufacturing, electronics, or water testing, its diverse applications make it a truly invaluable tool. It ensures stringent adherence to safety standards and regulatory guidelines, proving essential in today's fast-paced industrial environment.

Specifications at a Glance

  • Precision measurements with error & repeatability rate of ±5% and ±3% respectively.
  • Fast response time of 10 minutes and an efficient analysis time of 4 minutes.
  • Designed for a 220V ± 22V / 50Hz ± 1Hz power supply with a rated power of 95W.
  • Capable of working in a wide range of environmental temperatures of 10°C - 40°C and humidity under 85% RH.

Elevate Your Analysis Standards

The ZW-UC1000 TOC Analyzer seamlessly combines a robust design, extraordinary precision, and advanced technology. It's the perfect addition for testing and analysis methods that require quick, accurate, and reliable results. Start enhancing your productivity with the ZW-UC1000 TOC Analyzer today.

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