Tobramycin Base - Effective Broad-Spectrum Antibiotic

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Tobramycin Base: A Powerful Broad-Spectrum Antibiotic for Effective Treatment

  • High-grade Tobramycin Base is lauded for its distinctive therapeutic efficacy.
  • Professionally crafted using superior-quality raw materials, showcasing expertise in chemical synthesis.
  • Efficiently fights against a large array of bacterial infections, providing a comprehensive solution in antibiotic therapy.
  • Produced in state-of-the-art facilities observing strict quality control and safety standards.
  • Establishes a significant global footprint, accessible in key regions such as North America, Europe, Asia, Australasia, and also the Middle East and Africa.

Rely on the exemplary potency of Tobramycin Base, an acclaimed antibiotic produced in technologically advanced facilities with rigorous quality checks. With a prominent role in key global markets, Tobramycin Base serves as a reliable remedy for numerous bacterial infections.

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Tobramycin Base - The Superior Antibiotic for Wide-Ranging Infections

Our Tobramycin Base stands in the front lines of the pharmaceutical industry, demonstrating superior results in defeating an assortment of bacterial infections. Renowned for its exceptional potency, purity, and precise formulation, this pharmaceutical-grade antibiotic derived from Streptomyces tenebrarius is your safeguard against diseases induced by particular Gram-negative bacteria.

Unleashing the Strength of Science

  • Compound Name: Tobramycin
  • CAS Number: 32986-56-4
  • Molecular Formula: C18H37N5O9
  • Molecular Weight: 467.52 g/mol
  • IUPAC Name: O-3-amino-3-deoxy-u03b1-D-glucopyranosyl-(1→4)-O-[2,6-diamino-2,3,4,6-tetradeoxy-u03b1-D-erythro-hexopyranosyl-(1→6)]-2-deoxy-D-streptamine
  • Hazard Statements: May cause skin irritation (H315), eye irritation (H319), and may cause allergy or asthma symptoms or breathing difficulties if inhaled (H334)

All-encompassing Health Solution

The broad-spectrum antibiotic properties of Tobramycin Base make it a reliable choice for handling various health issues such as cystic fibrosis, infections in the ear and eye, and urinary tract infections incited by Gram-negative bacteria. Employ the might of Tobramycin Base and gift yourself a healthy existence.

Trustworthy Quality Assurance

Committed to ensuring the highest quality, our Tobramycin Base is manufactured in advanced facilities that meticulously adhere to international safety standards. We prioritize our patients, and to that end, exercise stringently controlled processes in sourcing, processing, and packaging.

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